May 16, 2002



Article of the Day: (Courtesy of Mike) "A 13-year-old boy is facing up to eight years in jail for hitting another student in the eye with a spitball." Are you fucking kidding me?? All these rapists, car thieves and child molestors in and out of jail and this kid may get jail time?? And what kind of people are prosecuting this kid? Go get real lives and real jobs! Fucking barnacles of society. Yeah the kid shouldn't have done it. But give me a break... that's like prosecuting a 10-year old boy who snaps your bra strap for sexual harassment.

Tony is the man. He just e-mailed me Eminem's newest so I could listen to it at my desk. The firewall at my work effectively blocks all mp3 downloads. Motherbeetches!! What is with this "no computer use for personal business" stuff? Trifling. The guys in Tech get to look at porn all day and I'm blocked from getting songs. Yeah, yeah I know..."A firewall is for the company network's protection..." blah blah blah. Too bad in two months that company network will cease to exist, being that it is now owned by our largest competitor.

I haven't gone off about politics in awhile. I think I've stayed away from it because I lack the energy and resolve to show any type of "humanitarian" feelings. I'm firmly in the "retaliation" camp. Come on... you're talking to someone who has always said that I approach life with a "It's either me or you....and I'm winning" mentality. I should have been a Marine. Do they even have female Marines? People act like I'm so mean... what's so mean about me suggesting that we just cut around the Middle East with a big ol' saw, detonate massive quantities of C4 under it then let it sink??? Is that really so wrong? I mean really... other than oil, religious wars and terrorism, what benefit does the Middle East bring to the rest of the world?? Yeah I know. I'm just fucking around. Don't get your panties in a bunch. YES, I have Middle Eastern friends. YES, I've said the same thing to them. YES, they think I'm a bitch (but they love me anyway).

So Democrats are making it seem like Bush knew that hijackers were going to run planes into U.S. targets which is a great PR move for them. I applaud their effective, if cheap tactics. You can't really be mad because if Clinton were still in the White House, Republicans would be doing the same thing. Look what they did with the Monica Blowjob Scandal. The world didn't really need to know that Slick Willy blew his load on her navy blue Gap dress did we?? I know I would have been fine without that nugget of information. Anyway, I love how all we ever do in the U.S. is point fingers. It's like the downside to democracy. We have a two-party system but those parties hate each other and 90% of the country's citizens don't completely agree with either party's platform. Except far left and far right-wingers of course. But those people are psychos (think of it as the Timothy McVeigh Syndrome). I wonder if people have any idea how many "credible threats" the FBI receives every day. No one with more than half a brain would have placed any validity to the suggestion that Arab men would hijack planes using plastic knives and boxcutters and crash them into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. HELLO, the people on the hi-jacked planes didn't even believe it while it was happening. They obeyed their captors and stayed in the back of the plane because they thought it was a traditional hi-jacking and they would be ransomed. The only reason the passengers of the "Hero flight" were more courageous than the passengers of the other three planes were because they knew what had been done with the other planes. I'm not knocking their incredible bravery, I'm just saying that the other passengers of the other planes could have been just as brave but the thought never crossed their minds that the plane they were on had just become a missile. The CIA is another story since they have access to information other government agencies don't. I wouldn't be surprised if they were withholding information.

*STILL BLOGGING* I need to hit up the message boards real quick. I'm getting heated. It's probably a combination of the topic and System of a Down. They sound like really angry people.

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