June 6, 2005

Food and Nintendo

This Post Is About Food and Nintendo
(Okay really it's my Weekend Recap but I get tired of calling it that.)

On Thursday, we hit up this frou-frou Japanese restaurant in the village called En for Girlie's birthday dinner. The company was EXCELLENT as always (me and Geo met up with Luke, Girlie, Steve, Mike and Kat) but I wasn't a big fan of the food. Then again I'm biased because although I'm a food whore, I like relatively simple foods. I don't give a crap about presentation, all I care about is TASTE. And I dislike places where they try so hard to be different that their food ends up tasting weird. Like that "fusion" stuff is scary as hell. One thing I liked about the joint was their flourless chocolate cake. At first I was skeptical, how can a good cake be without flour for God's sake. But after a small nibble off Girlie's dessert I was a believer. I considered ordering one for myself, until I found out that her silver-dollar sized cake (I KID YOU NOT) was nine fucking dollars. There are no restaurants in the world as audacious in pricing as New York City, relative to portion size. They really take advantage of the pretentiousness of NYC folk. I was so incredulous I had to ask the waiter for clarification like eight times. "Is this cake going to crawl under the table and give me a blowjob?" I mean I don't have a penis or anything but for a nine-dollar, silver-dollar-sized cake I'd grow one. I'd also have grown one for the hostess. She had a bangin' body.

On Friday and Saturday we sat around and played Mario Tennis all day and night. If I do say so myself, Geo and I are a pretty bad ass doubles team. We strike fear in the hearts of Nintendo computer characters like Luigi and Peach aka "Princess Whorebag." It's a talent. We even gave the girls controllers and they thought they were playing too. Yes people, it's bad to let your television parent for you when you can let Nintendo do it instead. We did leave the house for a bit so I could spend the Barnes and Noble giftcard I received from Kwame in Saturday's mail for Mother's Day (Thanks Kwam!!!) I've never owned a B&N giftcard for longer than a day. Drop it like it's hot.

On Sunday, I somehow managed to convince Geo, Tony and Abel to go to the Philippine Independence Day Parade in the city. They were reluctant but I played one of my "the girls will have fun" cards and they agreed, knowing that "the girls will have fun" really meant "their mom can eat yummy food." So we trekked into the city and managed to find parking, a miracle in itself. But when we got to the parade we realized it was HOT AS BALLS. I mean really, really fricken hot. The lines for the food were ridiculously long, the sun was beating down on us and though sodas and sweet-rice-balls-on-a-stick thing I managed to procure did stave off the hunger a bit, it wasn't enough. So I apologized for my idiocy in dragging everyone there and we headed off to Chinatown to eat yummy food in air-conditioned solace.

This is what they serve in my food heaven. Well, this and some Indian food. Oh
and country-fried steak with garlic mashed potatoes. Oh and fettucine alfredo.
Oh and steamed king crab claws with melted butter. Oh and corn, there has to be corn.
Oh and what's a food heaven without Oreo cheesecake. And tempura shrimp.
And creme brulee. Oh and spinach quiche. I simply adore spinach quiche.
And eclairs. Eclairs are a must. Along with cantaloupe juice. That's a must too.

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