July 17, 1999

Harry Potter Thoughts

Harry Potter Book Six Thoughts
(Had to change the date to a random one in 99 so that I could create a direct link without it posting onto my blog. You know, for people who hate spoilers!)

Some initial musings:

1. After all that talk to Draco about faking death is Dumbledore really gone? His death seemed convenient. That scene though when he was drinking the liquid around the locket was brutal.

2. Who is RAB, the only one I can think of who has those initials is Sirius' brother who defected from the Death Eaters and was killed. I was thinking maybe RAB was Sirius' brother Regulus because if it were someone who was close to James or Lily or Dumbledore they probably would have addressed the letter "Lord Voldemort" instead of to the "Dark Lord." The guy did try to leave Voldemort's service after all.

3. I don't know if I believe that Snape is evil. Dumbledore could have been begging him to follow through with a pre-arranged plan and was making sure he did it. It could be why Snape freaked out when Harry called him a coward, because if he is undercover then he is pretty damn brave. I mean I can see how easily it would be to make Snape the bad guy but he could also be the foil, the example of how someone interested in the Dark Arts doesn't necessarily have to go bad.

4. Why did the Death Eaters take Ollivander and Florean? What could they be doing with them.

5. Why was Harry so willing to use that Potions book after what happened in Chamber? I would think that it would have made him especially suspicious of the thing.

6. I was against the whole Harry/Ginny thing in the beginning, because I thought she was kind of lame, like Rowling was just trying to all of a sudden make her interesting and cool in Book Five. But now I see that they match well. All that talk of snogging though had me snickering. Snogging. I'm going to go snog Geo.

7. Overall I liked the book, but I liked Four and Five better.

8. They made Draco and his mother actually seem pitiable in this one. Human almost. I actually felt bad for him when he was telling Dumbledore that Lord Voldemort would kill his family. Still thinks he needs a good beating though.

9. I wonder if Fawkes is coming back. I think he plays a part in the end maybe. I sure do hope they have a happy ending type thing involving Neville's parents in the last book.

10. What is the deal with the new Minister of Magic? He seems awfully shady. Does anyone else feel like Percy is going to do something really stupid in Book Seven.

11. I got a bit teary when Fleur/Mrs. Weasley had that moment about Bill's mangled face.

12. I don't understand why Harry pushed off Ginny but is going to let Ron and Hermione leave Hogwarts with him. Voldemort knows what Harry is like by now, I'm thinking he could pretty much use anyone as bait against him. He could pick a random wizard off the street and Harry would probably try to save him.

13. The allusion to there being research on how to deal with death/fake it etc was interesting. It opens some doors, perhaps for Sirius to come back? They did reiterate in the end that there was no body in Sirius' death, he was just gone.

14. Interesting how the Death Eaters were able to get into the castle because of the fact that Fred and George stuffed Montague into that vanishing cabinet a book back. Harmless prank that set off a chain of events leading to Dumbledore's death. They were also able to get by the D.A. with one of Fred and George's products, that instant darkness thing.

15. I hope Book Seven is longer. This one was way too short. But I guess I understood why it had to drag in some parts, there's a lot of stuff that had to be explained before book Seven. Although maybe the book should have been called "Harry Potter and the Autobiography of Tom Marvolo Riddle." Okay this is just the girl in me but I also hope Book Seven has a detailed description of Fleur and Bill's wedding.

I have more, these are just the initial ones.

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