December 21, 2001

My Company Christmas Party

In the CD player: "Only Time" by Enya which has depressed me ever since I saw this tribute page.

My Company Christmas Party

I'm sure the three people who read this are dying to know all about my company Christmas party. So the basic equation is free, unlimited alcohol + roomful of twenty-somethings = food for the gossip mill for years to come. This year some guy got WASTED (he was so drunk I felt it necessary to sashay my cursor on over to the "B" button at the top of the page). Anyway he got drunk and fell over completely onto his back when he tried to get up from the table. There was no breaking-of-the-fall there. Just up then SPLAT.

So my friends Paul and Mike have to carry him to the bathroom and he's pretty much dead weight. Mind you this is in front of the entire company. They get to the lobby and Mr. "I'll just have another" vomits all over my friend Mike's shoes. Some other guy comes running down the hall, slips and falls right into the puddle of vomit. Bleehhhhhhh. Nastiness abounds. He gets up and not being very sober himself starts yelling "I'm going to sue." By the way did I mention all this was witnessed by our Chief Operating Officer, who was in the lobby? I'm sure he was thinking "Somebody get these guys some promotions!" because of course acting like a drunken idiot at your company party can only be beneficial to your career. Especially if they have to call an ambulance to pump your stomach right outside the building.

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