January 15, 2002

I'm Going To Kill Paul

I'm Going To Kill Paul

I seem to be having trouble putting my clothes on properly lately. Yesterday I made it all the way into work before I realized that my sweater was on inside out. Today I did the same thing with my button down shirt which I pulled on (yes I hang/wash it already buttoned which is a big laundry sin, like leaving a red sock in with your whites or lipstick in the pocket of your jeans). I managed to catch the error and fix the shirt, but before I left the house I almost did it one more time with my sweater again. It's good these black pinstriped slacks have purple lining or I may have gotten to work at noon today.

Kwame left me a comment that said my web address when glanced at quickly looks like "blood clot." That might be interesting but I think it would deter readers. Http://tequilashots.bloodclot.com sounds like a website version of that annoying MTV show with the "furries" and the breast-implanted girl.

Today's shoutouts: To my girl Dawn who is the one who introduced me to blogger: reading your blog and finding out what you've been up to everyday makes me feel close to you even though you're in Cali. I miss you Dawndoll! To my girl Lety.. Happy Birthday!! Hope you get an Antonio Sabato lookalike wrapped in a red ribbon made of candy for your birthday!

Yeah I knew today wasn't going to be stellar when I woke up hung over. So my friend Paul (who apparently has nothing better to do) just put me on "Hot or Not.com" and took great pleasure in voting me a 1 haha that bastard!! Speaking of smartass people, my ex-boyfriend Gerald just IM-ed me and said "How to give a half point? I can't figure it out." SEE THAT'S WHY WE BROKE UP. Hot or not update: so according to 1857 people I am a 9.4, which may seem impressive but is not. Let's put the site's criteria this way... the "butter face" chicks with enormous breasts always get ranked 9.9 as long as the puppies showing. Hey wait, so I have no boobs and no ass but I still got a 9.4? Never mind that IS impressive, woo-hoo!! Of course, it's probably the women boosting my score up. Lesbians love me. Thank you lesbians!!!

Anyway I've decided to kill Paul. I'll miss you guys very much, when I'm incarcerated and defending myself from a 200-pound woman named "Greg" who wants to make me her bitch. Funny thing is I used to always see this site and say "who the hell would actually do this" and now I know. Oh yeah...AND he put me under "males" which means I'm going to be web-stalked by transvestites. I really will miss you guys.

Random Memory of the Day: Prency and our friend Lourdes (who I wish I could find) once came back from getting some food and Lourdes' lip was all bloody. I was like "What the hell happened to you?" It turns out they went to some Vietnamese place to eat and the cashier was taking too long handling their check because she was on a personal phone call. So they try to get her attention a few times and the girl deliberately ignores them and all of a sudden Lourdes says "YOU STUPID SLUT" and bitchslaps the girl across the counter. Oh man I couldn't stop laughing when they told me that story. I miss Lourdes, last I heard she was in Hawaii somewhere causing a ruckus among the natives.

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