January 18, 2002



Mike went to the Tin Alley Grill last night to further hone his karaoke spectating skills (I respectfully declined. Okay I didn't respectfully decline I said "You're on crack"). He sends me a Nextel two-way message that says "Christine the Lesbian is singing 'It`s raining men'...Isn`t that ironic?" Actually, it's not ironic. Obviously, Christine is upset that what she is looking for is a good woman and and the only things in her line of vision are big, hairy men. It's a dilemma even heterosexual women face. Most of them are searching for an intelligent, considerate and employed man and it ends up raining stereotypical, unemployed frat boys.

So I had an eventful night on AOL IM last night. I talked to my friend Pete who quite possibly has the most chauvinistic view of my gender in the history of chauvinism. But he's funny as hell so even if my being offended by anything was possible, it still wouldn't have happened. One of our conversations revolved around the idea of heterosexual men and women being platonic friends. Pete's theory is that it only occurs within three possible scenarios (AND I QUOTE):

1. She's ugly - "She's a moped...you know..fun to ride around on but you wouldn't want any of your friends to see you."
2. He's ugly - "And just can't get in there"
3. She views him as her Kuya ("big brother" in Tagalog) - "Which men hate by the way."
And there you are Ladies and Gentlemen, Pete's Theory of Platonic Relationships. Personally, I disagree. I think men and women can be friends without being ugly or family member-like. Sometimes there's just zero mutual attraction between two people, or they're better off as friends. Not everything is black and white, I'm a firm believer in the grey area!!


One of my chicas Girlie e-mailed me gifs of two oil paintings she's done. It never fails to make me smile when I find out one of my friends has a talent I never knew about. My best friend Lani writes the best poetry ever, my favorite type of poetry. Her poems aren't just pretty words on paper that sound nice. They elicit tears, laughter, hope and appreciation of things past and to come. Talent comes in all forms by the way... my sister Leah and my girl Nadia both sing exceptionally well...I'm not ashamed to admit tears came to my eyes when Leah sang "O Holy Night" at a school recital when she was nine. Dennis and Ben draw very well, their art look exactly like their subjects... several of my friends like Jon-Jon, Ro, Veronica, Kuen and George dance ridiculously well, like the kind of people that can clear a dance floor even when they're just messing around... Paul designs really great websites... Geo can make or fix anything...Kwame knows everything there is to be known about almost every sport... Kaan...well Kaan has the unique talent of being able to say the most vulgar thing at the most inappropriate time but not offend anyone... I could go on and on about my friends' talents.

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