January 12, 2002

Wild Card Weekend

Wild Card Weekend update: (7:26 p.m. ET) So the Bucs are getting annhilated by my fantasy league foundation Philly. At 24-9 in the 4th with 2:42 left it's almost painful. But not really. Okay yeah Philly just scored again. Talk about another nail in the coffin. The Metatron couldn't save Tampa Bay now. Why do they even have to finish...it's like cruel and unusual punishment. The Raiders are the bomb, THANK YOU Rich Gannon and the Raiders' offense for stepping it up. Speaking of which, I was on Ebay the other day and decided on a whim to do a search on a T-shirt I used to live in when I was a kid and the Raiders were in L.A. I typed in "Real Men Wear Black" and one shirt actually came up in the results. Some guy in Alaska was selling it and it was at $6.50 but in the last hour or so of the auction (after I went to bed) someone outbid me. Trifling. So if anyone sees that shirt anywhere let me know. And if anyone sees the PS1 game Puzzle Fighter anywhere for under $50 let me know about that too. Anyway it sucks about the Niners but I would rather have Oakland in anyway. Honestly I was kind of disappointed in this weekend's football, talk about multiple blowouts. And just a little too many questionable plays for me. I could've had a V8.

Quote of the weekend: My girl Nadia was in the UK recently and found out that some people use the word "bog" as a slang term for bathroom. So she's sitting at a semi-formal dinner table and excuses herself "to the bog" which was met with silence. It turns out saying you're "going to the bog" is the American equivalent of saying "I'm going to the shitter."

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