January 13, 2002

Eye Irritants and Karma

Eye Irritants and Karma

So I just managed to splash myself in the eye with nail polish remover. I can't believe how much that hurt. It was my own laziness however that inadvertently caused the mishap. I was removing my nail polish (Psycho Dahlia by MAC in case anyone cares) with an over-saturated cotton ball because it speeds up the process. After a particularly vigorous scrubbing of my left forefinger, the cotton ball flicked against my nail and sent several huge drops of remover directly into my right eye. This reinforces my belief that my karma meter is more sensitive than most people because the other day I was making fun of some mother (on the news) in South Jersey who accidentally super-glued her daughter's eye shut.

I'm a firm believer in karma and I'm pretty good at resisting the truly evil stuff, but sometimes I get caught on the dumb stuff. Like if one of my friends trips, once I figure out they're okay I end up laughing my ass off -- which means that the next block my stiletto heel will get caught on a grate and I'm going down.

So a few days ago I discussed how graphic late night TV is and my theory has been reinforced by tonight's MTV programming. They showed some real-life show during which a stripper got breast implants and it was just a little too much information. What ever happened to "I want my MTV" and actual music videos? They even showed the doctors slitting this girl's breasts open and sliding the silicone pouches in and there was blood everywhere. Um, yeah. Okay. That was disgusting. Then the girl was like "It hurts and it takes some getting used to." I'm like well, HELLO. It's already uncomfortable enough when you have too much crap in your front jeans pockets, I can't even fathom this. Now MTV is showing some other reality show which has people who are sexually stimulated by furry suits, like mascot or Disneyland uniforms. Okay... there's no hope for mankind.

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