February 15, 2002

Fire In The Hole

Fire In The Hole

This morning as I hit snooze on my alarm clock, I heard loud ass sirens. Usually I don't even notice them because we live by a hospital and sirens are a fact of life. But these sounded extremely close......like I heard "Whooooooooooooooooo" then silence. There was no fading of the sound so I knew it had to be pretty close. A minute later someone comes thunking up the stairs and knocks on my door. It was Brian, the downstairs neighbor. He was like...."Did you hear the sirens? Yeah, one of you guys almost burned the house down." I was like "WHAAATTT????"

Apparently, when George got home this morning at 5am, he put his cigarette out in this huge flowerpot filled with dirt in the garage. It turns out the pot wasn't only filled with dirt, it was filled with some chemicals and the thing smoldered for 4 hours then burst into flames. The gas main was right above the flowerpot so that could have been potentially disastrous. If it had been a big fire though, I had a plan. I always thought that if there was ever a fire in my building that I would just jump off the balcony onto my neighbors van. The funny thing was we have Mike's car in the garage and it has firefighter license plates so the fireman that put out the fire looked at George and was like "Uhh....are you a fireman?" I would've been like "Even if I was, I wouldn't admit it right NOW."

Funniest part of the whole thing (well not that funny I guess) was that I thought the firemen were coming upstairs and I was yelling "Where the hell is the smoke detector" to Geo because we disconnect every time we cook since it goes off the entire time. Needless to say we are going to be very careful from now on. No more using Binaca and a lighter as a mini-torch to burn ants off the wall.....no more leaving candles unattended next to the drapes... no more drinking a shot of whiskey then blowing onto a match...NO MORE!!!

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