February 22, 2002

Olympic Dreams

Olympic Dreams

I am very disturbed that Michelle Kwan skated so poorly last night. I remember in high school the tennis matches that made me feel the worst were the ones I lost because I played horribly. Those were the ones that would stick in my head during the season. Now multiply that feeling by a million and that must be what Kwan is feeling right now. It really must suck to be an athlete and have to read all the shit reporters say about you in the paper then have to go out and skate. I swear even though I work in PR or maybe BECAUSE I work in PR I really can't stand reporters. For months they've devoted entire articles on how much pressure Kwan should have on her because of what happened in Nagano they really just beat it into the ground. I must have read it 9 million times. Shouldn't there be some law in journalism prohibiting people from writing articles that 87,846 other reporters have already written? Anyway I guess it's all part of being an athlete. You can tell what a mental sport figure skating really is...after Sarah Hughes' amazing performance, the next three skaters fell and Irina Slutskaya, who skated last, double-footed a landing and chose not to do some of her harder jumps. I'm happy for Sarah Hughes, but she's 16. She still had Italy in 2006 if it didn't work out. Oh well, c'est la vie.

Incidentally, South Korea and Russia need to stop whining. We all saw the video. The South Korean speed skater illegally blocked the other guy, he was like 2 feet out of his own lane. And Russia's pairs skaters SUCKED and got the gold because a French judge admitted that she voted for the Russians so that the Russian judge would vote for the French couple in "ice dancing." She later recanted her confession but you know she's just trying to cover her ass. Anyone who watched the pairs competition know the Canadians deserved to win. Their competitors are still trying to remove the figure skates from their respective asses.

By the way, they showed this program on NBC last night that was a tribute to 11 international athletes who are the sole representatives from their countries, among them Thailand,Nepal and Cameroon. It was pretty bad ass. The Thailand guy is competing in one of the cross-country skiing events and is 49-years-old. How about that shit? I'm tired after 30 minutes on my exercise bike.

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