February 22, 2002

Thank God It's Friday

Thank God It's Friday

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So my friend Dean got our friend Drew a T-shirt for his birthday that has this on it:




Which I think is pretty damn funny. I should get it for George.

I read another article in the newspaper today, remniscent of the one about the guy who goes ballistic when he hears the words "New Jersey." They caught a "fugitive" and here's the first paragraph:

"LOWELL, Mass. (AP) . A shopper accused of beating another customer for bringing too many items into an express checkout line surrendered Friday. The Feb. 10 dispute began when the 51-year-old woman, who was not identified by police, brought 13 items into a 12-items-or-fewer checkout lane. The woman said Morgan got in line behind her, complained she didn't know how to count, then swore at her. She said that as she walked home with the groceries, Morgan drove up and the two exchanged words. Then she got out of the car and commenced a whooping on me,''' the woman told The Sun of Lowell."

Is it just me or not only does this woman NOT deserve jail, she should be given a fucking medal?? I hate those people. They're so annoying. Those express lines should be for people who have like 6 things, max. I hate it when I'm standing there holding a lemon and the person in front of me has like 19 things.

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