February 23, 2002

Cartoons, New York Nightlife and Hangovers

Cartoons, New York Nightlife and Hangovers

Justice League today was sad as hell. Wonder Woman got exiled from Themyscira for bringing Superman, Flash, Martian Manhunter and Batman there to help save the Amazons from Faust and Hades. After Hippolyta gave them golden laurel wreaths for their bravery, she exiled Wonder Woman. I remember from the old comics that she was exiled but it was kind of sad actually watching it. I was a little pissed, I felt as Queen of the Amazons that Hippolyta's highest priority should be the welfare of her warriors and if they're dead then they're probably not doing all that well. So she should make exceptions for situations in which her people are on the brink of extermination. But that's just my opinion.

I went out with my girls Lani and Mandy last night. I was hella tired from work but I wanted to hang out with them because Mandy was visiting from L.A. We went to this place Justin's because their friend was a manager there and they promised to come by. The funny thing was, when we walked in we immediately saw a whole bunch of people me and Lani knew when we worked at the NBA. Coincidentally they were having a going away party for Jeremy, one of our former co-workers. We made sure to yell at Kirk The Organizer for failing to invite us "because he didn't have our e-mail addresses." I swear that's got to be the lamest excuse on the planet. How easy is it to e-mail someone and ask them for another person's e-mail address? Just admit you forgot us yo!! Speaking of forgetting, Afrodite you flaked on me!! It's all good though cuz you didn't miss much. Actually you did...you missed Lani and Mandy! They're much!!

Anyway the men at this place were savages, but they bought us drinks all night long so what do I care. A lot of the women were unbelievably triflin' too. Lani was scopin' out this cute guy in an orange jacket who was checking her out, but neither of them managed to muster up the courage to approach the other (and Lani told me and Mandy not to do it cuz you KNOW we were gonna) so Cute Orange Guy went home with some chick who resembled one of those Troll dolls. I can't stand it when guys have no balls to approach the good-looking girls so they hit up the ugly ones. It shows a lot about their insecurity if they can't even remotely deal with the idea of rejection. Anyway, we were surrounded by savages. I walked two blocks by myself to go pick up cigarettes and all I heard was shit like "Yo Mami......come over to the car baby." Dumb as hell. The worst part is you know in order for them to be doing it, there had to have been a precedent (like Fed Ex putting "Do not ship blood" on their letter envelopes). Some stupid ass hoes had to have actually walked over to the guys in the past in order for them to still be using it as a pick-up. Or maybe they're just dumb. Like those guys who honk at you when you're walking down the street in L.A., as if you're going to run after their cars and sleep with them.

After Justin's we went over to Ohm but I couldn't stay there. The men there were even bigger savages and I was drunk and tired after 8 hours of work, 4 hours of partying and about 11 drinks. So I hopped in a cab and headed back to Lani's early. Speaking of cabs... I really hate that Curve commercial with the 4 people in the back of the cab and the cab driver asks their destination and they each respond 4 different places, then laugh hysterically as if that was funny.

My point is that I'm hung over. I asked George to pick me up from Lani's on his way home from work this morning. We were still asleep when he rolled up cuz we went to bed at like 6 in the morning. I just put my jacket on over my lilac satin pajamas and headed out the door. When we got back to Jersey City I asked him to stop at the Filipino turo-turo restaurant by our apartment so I could get some food. I walked in wearing my jacket still but it was open cuz it was hot. They looked at me kind of weird. I think it was cuz my denim strappy shoes didn't match my grey wool jacket. Or maybe I had something in my teeth. What do you think? Anyway, you know you're hung over when sunlight hurts. Afrodite and I were talking about this yesterday at work...(ooooh foreshadowing)... I was like "Have you ever been so hung over that you have to wear solid colors because looking at prints hurts? You're like, today is not a good day to wear those zebra print pants."

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