May 22, 2002

Fleet Week

Fleet Week

So today marks the beginning of "Fleet Week" (when something like 6,000 sailors and Marines pull into port and party for a week in New York). At around 11:30 boats started sailing down the Hudson into the harbor and the last one had a whole bunch of sailors in uniform on the deck. Seriously, Fleet Week is like Christmas in May only better. One of my guy friends was like "I don't see the big deal..." I replied "That's like me saying I don't see the big deal about a man being able to step into the Victoria's Secret catalog." Big boats and men in uniform is my equivalent of "Women in bikinis with power tools." Nooooiiiiiiice. Guess where I'm going to be after work tomorrow evening? If you guessed "prowling Lower Manhattan" with my friends you guessed right. Here's a cookie.

Last night me, Abel, Tony, Mike, Bodie and Baya went to Dave and Buster's to go drink, watch the Nets-Celtics game (which is blacked out locally, DAMN YOUR GREEDY SELF STEINBRENNER!!!) and play video games. Did anyone else find the Nets game as completely disgusting as I did? No one other than Jason Kidd played at playoff level. If that's the way the Nets are going to play they should just throw in the towel, they looked and acted like rank amateurs out there. They didn't rebound for shit until the final 2 minutes, they missed easy easy easy shots and turned the ball over like they didn't really want it in the first place. They looked so nervous and scared out there I felt like I was watching a bunch of 8 year-olds, no one other than Kidd shot with any authority. Lucious started out a bit then wavered by the end. ARRRGGGHHH!!! I can't stand the Celtics. They're the only team in the Eastern Conference that I actively dislike. Antoine Walker is a self-important bastard, Paul Pierce thinks everything should be handed to him on a solid gold plate and Tony Battie is whiny. Together on the court they make my skin crawl, but not as much as the Lakers so I usually just ignore it. Eew eew eew eeew eeew. Sorry, got grossed out for a second.

After the game we played "Time Crisis" for a bit ("ACTION!!") then got kicked out because the place was shutting down. Tony and Abel got a bunch of tickets from the basketball shooting game so they redeemed them for two shotglasses and an ashtray for Bodie and Baya to take with them back to the Philippines. It was such sweet yet decadent gifts. "The road to ruin is paved with good intentions." Just kidding!

It is really cold in my office which is totally uncalled for. I know they're laying us all off and everything but is it really necessary to cut down on heat just to save a few bucks?? Just kidding. It's warm outside so the air conditioner in the building automatically goes into hyper-drive.

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