May 21, 2002



The title of today's post is "Anticipation" because I am currently anticipating the season finale of Buffy. Or, if all systems are go with Geo and my cousins, I am anticipating playing "Time Crisis" at Dave and Buster's tonight. I am also anticipating lunch because I skipped breakfast. Therefore if one were to describe my mood today as I blog, they would use the word "anticipatory." Or "insane." Hold up a second and let me grab my little receipts and gum wrappers with notes scribbled all over them... I always burn these notes right after I use them because they're pretty incriminating. The finalized post you all read has been passed through the conscience filter and so is never nearly as bad as what I actually thought at the moment and wrote down.

Quote of the Day: (Courtesy of Geo discussing one of his exes) "Her ass is so flat her calves touch the wall first."

This past weekend we were sitting around watching Episode 1 and I was wondering why everyone hates on Episode 1 so much. It's like the "cool" thing to do or something. "Come on.... everyone's doing it." I liked it a lot, I saw it like 4 times in the theatre. Of course I was in love with Darth Maul and wanted to bear his Darth children but even beyond that I enjoyed the movie. The pod racing was cool, Liam Neeson and Ewan MacGregor were awesome and the scenery was really nice. The Gungan City, the Naboo Palace, Courzant... those were all pretty bad ass places. I think people just had ridiculous expectations. I don't mean to sound all blasphemous and everything (nor do I want a barrage of hate mail from the people who dressed as Jedis to see Episode 2) but if you watch the Star Wars trilogy now, it's kind of funny how old everything looks. So how does one judge the standard? I actually think if they had minimized the Jar Jar Binks exposure in Episode 1 it would have been a much popular movie. I wanted to take his tongue and wrap it around his throat. Anyway I'm going to see Episode 2 on Wednesday night and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm trying not to get too hyped up because everyone keeps saying "Oh my God, it is like totally way better than Episode 1 and stuff man." But I liked Episode 1 so the bar for my level of expectation is a bit higher. We'll see. I'm especially looking forward to seeing Yoda do his stuff because it's all everyone's been talking about and I'm thinking it would be pretty interesting to see a 2-foot tall wrinkled booger zoom around with a light saber and kick peoples' asses.

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