May 21, 2002

Weekend Recap

Weekend Roundup

Weekend was pretty full... On Saturday night some friends came over for dinner to hang out with my cousins Bodie and Baya who are going back to the Philippines this week (*sniffle*). I have some pics at my Picture Trail in the "Dinner" album, but I still have about 7 more to scan. My scanner just decided to shut down completely last night and not respond to any type of button-pushing or cord-re-plugging. I was so annoyed I contemplated sending it out the sliding glass door and off the balcony. But then I remembered that beating the shit out of computer hardware only fixes it in the movies. Anyhow the dinner was fun, the guys downstairs brought a bunch of their friends and we all got nice and toasted. Okay, I got nice and toasted. But the next day I woke up and in the throes of the worst hangover I've ever had in my entire life, noticed that someone had tracked thick, black mud onto my hardwood floor. Someone else (or perhaps the same person) had put a beer bottle in the freezer where it exploded and sent shards of ice all over my frozen dinners. And another someone else had put their cigarettes out on my hardwood floor. Savages. I know it wasn't MY friends.

On Sunday we watched the game (GO NETS!!!!) and got a bit depressed at half-time by the fact that the Knicks got the 7th pick in the Draft. Motherbitches. Is there no light at the end of this tunnel???? I was cheered a little by the fact that Steve Francis was wearing a lilac suit. Like straight out lilac. Not purple, not plum, not mauve... LILAC. You can't really tell in this picture but trust me on this one. I swear the Nets still get no respect. Some people are coming up to me saying "well you know it doesn't count because the Celtics played badly." I'm thinking sports are one part skill and one part mental game. If you can't take the heat of the playoffs then you shouldn't be there. After the game we headed over to The Mile Square in Hoboken to eat spinach and artichoke pizza, chicken and shrimp satays, fresh mozarella, tomato and arugala in a balsamic vinaigrette and garlic hummus and pita bread. YUMMY.

Yesterday I took the day off to hang out with the cousins a bit more in NYC. We went to the Toys R Us at Union Square because they wanted Star Wars toys (for themselves) and Barbie stuff (for their daughter Maris). As we were strolling through, we saw some guy "collecting money for the homeless." I added the quotation marks because in New York, everyone's scheming. I say the score is Rip Off Artists 17 - Legitimate Charities 3. Anyway this guy was standing on the table screaming at people to donate money and he looks at this slightly plump old woman in front of us and says "Hey lady, why don't you skip your next meal and donate the money. You sure could use it." I think my mouth fell open on that one. Such utter disrespect. I can't stand self-righteous people. The guy is standing on a table wearing $100 Nikes made by some 6-year-old Malaysian boy, screaming about what bad people everyone who walks by is. HELLO, with all the scammers in New York you'd be pretty foolish to give money to everyone who asks for it. Anyway that old woman looked really upset which pissed me off so I turned to the guy and snapped back to him "Why don't YOU get a real fucking job??"

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