May 29, 2002

My Living Room

My Living Room
So after weekend trips to Marshalls, Sears and Home Depot...

Key notes about my living room:
1. There now exists a fire extinguisher (another word that looks as if its correct spelling is spelled incorrectly) in case Geo tries to burn down the house again.
2. Two movie posters are offscreen -- One is Ever After which was a birthday gift from Mike and hangs by the aquarium and the other is Tombstone which is rolled up in the tube sent it in.
3. I am watching Along Came a Spider which is a really good movie based on a book by one of my favorite authors, James Patterson. Incidentally, I love Morgan Freeman. His credits read like a list of my favorite movies...Glory, Robin Hood, The Shawshank Redemption, Seven, Outbreak, Kiss The Girls... AND he's in the upcoming The Sum of All Fears which is one of my favorite Tom Clancy books ever (my favorites in case you care are that one, Rainbow Six and Without Remorse.)
4. Yes, that is a Justice League poster and yes, I am a dork.
5. The two little speakers and the speaker on the TV are the front part of SURROUND SOUND baby!!
6. You can't see the top of the coffee table but I got it at an old furniture store in Toronto. It has the painting Midsummer Eve by Edward Robert Hughes on it.
7. I initially wanted a black leather couch but then I saw this one for really cheap at the Seaman's furniture outlet on 440. It's blue velvet but the ends both recline and the center folds down for the heat/massage control pads, speaker phone and cup holders. Joey and Chandler's easy chairs ain't got shit on this couch.
8. If you're looking for some kind of theme to the decor there really isn't one. Actually, "things that don't match" might be an appropriate one. Whenever I'm buying throw pillows or curtains or whatever I always think "I'll get these....I don't have this color yet." I like how George's manly racing trophies are battling my pastel shelves for dominion. People always walk in and think the Catherine Zeta Jones and Angelina Jolie posters are his but all my friends who walk in know they're mine because I'm a closet heterosexual.
9. Nookie peed on that sheepskin rug once. I opened the door one morning and he went right for it and marked his territory. Geo was most displeased because it was 7:50 on a Saturday morning and he was out on the balcony scrubbing the rug with Woolite.
10. The lamp on the left has three monkeys at the base doing the See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil thing. I got it recently because it reminded me of this picture that me, Audrey and Joanne took in Washington D.C. a few years ago. Whenever I start dwelling on unhappy thoughts about what happened with her I look at the lamp and it always makes me smile.

In case you haven't noticed I like a cozy, funky atmosphere in the place I spend the most time in. Except of course at work, where I apparently like horrible grey cubes with grey walls and grey carpetting and grey tiles, illuminated by stark flourescent lighting. Anyway I couldn't live in those stark utilitarian rooms you see in new age decor magazines. You might as well put me in a straitjacket and commit my ass and just skip the whole living-in-sparseness thing.