June 14, 2002

Friday's News

Friday's News

So.... I was clicking through the NY Post today and found an article about some guy who killed two 80-year-olds then sexually abused the deceased woman. His excuse is that he was "high on marijuana at the time." Now I'm no expert but this is the first time I've ever heard of anyone going psycho and engaging in necrophilia because of pot. And I went to UC Santa Cruz, where even the professors are potheads. Okay not really. But Santa Cruz is a beach community overrun with hippies trying to re-live the 60's. My point is, that's the lamest "the drugs made me do it" excuse I've ever heard in my life. He might as well have said he did it because he sniffed too much Elmer's Glue.

The next article that caught my attention was about some juror who held out during deliberations on some woman's trial for murder and forced a hung jury. That in itself isn't bad. What's bad is that the deliberations are over a crime she confessed to. Um. Okay. Is it me or is that taking this whole "innocent until proven guilty" thing too far??

Speaking of which, you all know how much I detest stupid people. But what I hate the most is PUBLIC stupidity. PRIVATE stupidity isn't so bad. Some person yapping away on some topic they know nothing about at home or at a dinner party is one thing. Some person yapping away on some topic they know nothing about on TV or in a newspaper is absolutely mind-numbing. According to this NY Post article, the sister of accused "dirty bomber" Jose Padilla is incensed "that a person can be arrested without proof or anything." Um. Is that what she thinks happened here? That the U.S. government has absolutely NO proof against her brother whatsoever? NOTHING?? She thinks the government is willing to go out on a limb and level charges against him without any type of proof? OBVIOUSLY they have SOMETHING or this wouldn't even be an issue. Whether or not it's enough to convict him in a trial or military tribunal is a different story. But obviously they have SOMETHING that makes them think he's guilty, information that the average layperson wouldn't have knowledge of or this wouldn't be happening. Idiot. The fact that he's a Puerto Rican Muslim who vacations in Pakistan and Afghanistan with known members of Al Qaeda would be enough to hold him for questioning (I would hope). Who the hell vacations in Pakistan and Afghanistan? I can understand people going home to visit relatives but who the hell vacations in those regions? Let me just grab my bikini and some suntan oil and go lay out in Newark.

I don't mean to be rude but has anyone else noticed that the media only acknowledges it when white kids get kidnapped or disappear? In the last 5 months I've read numerous articles in Newsweek, People and pretty much every major newspaper and online news portal about various kidnappings. That chic Danielle in San Diego... those two girls in Oregon... this girl Elizabeth Smart who's missing in Utah. I don't mean to downplay the seriousness of their disappearances but um... how many kids of every different ethnicity get kidnapped every day? Where are their stories? Where are their pictures being flashed across the nation during prime time TV? Just wondering...

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