June 13, 2002

God, I can't stand idiots. I can't DEAL with idiots. Why can't I ever just say to myself "Everyone has their own opinions"?? Why do I instead say shit like "HOW have you not killed yourself with your own stupidity?????" I need professional help. Someone needs to drag me to the psychiatrist. Maybe 14 hours of talking about Freud and some major prescription drugs will help me build a higher tolerance to the illogical thought processes of my fellow man. ARRGGHHHHHH. I can't deal with stupid people. After numerous calls to various customer service departments and 3 hours of web-surfing various message boards I've decided that I'm supremely religious. There IS a God. Why, do you ask? Because it HAS to be only by the grace of an ever-powerful God that certain people with certain idiotic mentalities have been allowed to live on this earth. It HAS to be. Otherwise we're all doomed. Whenever I'm debating with someone who is relatively intelligent, I always make sure to see their point of view. Not because I am THAT open-minded, but rather because it's easier to prepare for someone's arguments if you know and understand what sanctions them prior to the debate. But what happens when you're discussing things with people who have the intellectual capabilities of a ballpoint pen?? Then what happens?? You end up securing your way into hell because all you can do is sit there and think what fucking idiots they are.

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