June 25, 2002

Happy Birthday Jo

Happy Birthday Jo

So today would have been Joanne's 24th birthday. Dennis and I went to her grave and put some lilac chrysanthemum daisies on it. There were already lilac roses there so we knew Steph had already been by. I don't know if Joanne's baby-daddy brought their daughter by but somehow I doubt it. Afterwards I headed into the city with Geo and Tony to meet up with my friend Mike who's visiting from Cali. He had all girls with him - Anna, Pirah, Gail and Jen so he looked a trifle relieved that I brought Geo and Tony with me. Dilutes the estrogen. I hadn't seen Pirah in over 5 years and she glossed over me when I walked in because she was busy flirting with the bartender. Bad girl!! I had about 7 or 8 drinks...maybe more. I stopped counting at 7. Probably not the most stellar way to deal with grief, especially when you wake up the next morning feeling like someone took an axe to your head.

One thing that did crack me up was when I tried to go to the women's restroom but it was locked. So I sent Mike into the men's room to check if people were there and then to stand guard while I went. The bouncer guy or whatever he is walks over and says "You can't go in there, it's the men's room." So I say "Legally, aren't I allowed to use the men's room if the women's room is full?" And he says "Fine go, but he has to stay out here." So I use the bathroom and on my way past the bar the bouncer guy catches up with me and says "Legally we can do whatever we want because this is a private establishment" (don't you love it when bouncers use big words?) I was like "Legally, I already went."

Joanne would have gotten a kick out of that. She always thought it was hysterically funny whenever I put a bouncer in his place. Speaking of which, I remember one time she wanted me to go bitch some bouncer out at Club Abyss. (Disclaimer: It was NOT my idea to go to Club Abyss. I will however say that clubs in south Jersey always have enormous parking lots. I guess it's for the trailers?) Anyway I asked Jo why she wanted me to bitch him out and she said it was because he had confiscated her ID. I didn't want to go talk to the bouncer because then he might let us in, so I started grilling her. I asked her if it was a real ID and she said it was. So knowing her, I asked her if it was HER real ID and she said it wasn't. It was some white blond girl's. I was like "Joanne, I know it hasn't escaped your notice that you're a Filipina chick with black hair." Apparently though, the ID had actually worked in the past. God, I miss that girl.

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