June 26, 2002

Worldcom Blows

Hmm... Worldcom is under fire yet again, this time for fraud. Good. Thieving rat bastards. Damn, that reminds me I have to pay my cell phone bill. Maybe they'll file for bankruptcy first.

I was walking along this morning, wondering if I was being too harsh in general. I'm currently in a heightened cycle of my usual "I hate people" mode. I've realized this not because I'm acutely self-perceptive, but because this time it's actually extended to my friends. Not you guys though...(because you're reading this.) Of course I don't mean you guys... la la. Anyway so I'm striding well within the crosswalk lines, engrossed in the thought that maybe people aren't so bad after all, when some woman honks at me and calls out "Walk faster." She was trying to make an illegal U-turn in the intersection and I was in the way because I crossed south then east. So I say "I can't, look at my shoes" (I was wearing cute strappy platforms.) So she says "Buy different shoes." So I say "Buy a smaller car with a better turning radius. Oh and re-read the driving manual." And now I hate people again.

Anyway I don't want anyone getting the impression that I don't enjoy my life. I love my life. Someone asked me once why I don't get caught up in monetary bitterness and I said it's because "I'm here (raise hand to shoulder level) and not here (lower hand to thigh level) or here (lower hand to knee level) so I don't need to worry about the people who are here (raise hand way over my head)."

However, I will say that sometimes rich people weird me out. Like I'm walking in this parking lot by my work that is obviously high-rent, judging from the cars that get parked there. It's like a Porsche, BMW and Mercedes dealership threw up in there. Anyway I always see this Audi TT there which is a beautiful car... but the one in the lot is primer-colored. It's shiny and clean, but primer-colored. What kind of weird shit is that? That's like buying a mansion and carpetting it with astroturf.

Anyway I need to go have my after-lunch smoke...

By the way, I really enjoyed Thomas Friedman's column today.

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