June 27, 2002

"One Nation, Under Glehhhhhhhhh, Indivisible, With Liberty And Justice For All."

"One Nation, Under Glehhhhhhhhh, Indivisible, With Liberty And Justice For All."

This whole thing about the Pledge of Allegiance being ruled unconstitutional disturbs me. I mean, I'm sure there's a legitimate basis for the ruling...everything can be argued and supported by past decisions and documents these days. But if this is the trend then it worries me. I'm not a highly religious person. I'm distrustful of organized religion and believe in a benevolent God, not an unyielding one. But I've never really probed the pros and cons of my particular brand of faith, because it results in my own positive behavior. Faith for me personally, encourages me to be more tolerant of others and to at least try and have compassion for my fellow man. Faith makes me think about the consequences of my actions. Faith makes me less prone to behavior which might put me on a one-way trip to hell. Although it's not really a fear of hell which motivates all this, but rather a need to be a better person. Someone my father, or that Father would be proud to have watched over. So how does this hurt anyone??? Incidentally, I'm not saying I even remotely succeed on all those points, but contrary to popular belief I at least try!!! I'm not Satan!! That was a false rumor started by someone to draw attention away from the fact that he likes small children!!

But I digress.

It's not as if the tenets of Catholic dogma are being drilled into the heads of easily-influenced public school children. No one is saying "And to the Republic, for which it stands, one nation (minus all the homosexuals, adulterers, aborters and criminals) Under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all." It's just mentioning God. This is taking the separation of church and state too far. I love the fact that guns are more acceptable in a schoolroom than God but that's beside the point. This is taking political correctness to a level you don't want to be at. Are we going to recall all our money because it says "In God We Trust?" Are we going to pass a law that forbids political leaders from attending church so they aren't unduly influenced? Are we going to white out all government documents that make any mention of God in case some atheist reads it and becomes offended? Do we even want to be at that point? Can't we all just once and for all take a vote on whether or not the mention of God can be allowed in some government institutions? Then they should make sure whichever side loses has to shut up for at least 100 years.

What annoys me is that this is even an issue. Why are these courts not doing better things with their time? I love how the quality of life in my neighborhood sucks ass... drug dealers on every corner, car thieves scoping out every vehicle in a three-mile radius, people getting shot across the street. But this, THIS is at the forefront of our nation's problems. THIS is what's important to those judges and the activists and the lobbyists. Bullshit, politically correct crap like this. Just because some rich atheist in California wants to make an example of his selfish, self-absorbed child. The craziest part about this whle shit is that the moment this guy sees his life flash before his eyes, and knows he's on the threshold of death but doesn't want to be there... he'll find religion. Everyone starts praying when they think they're about to die... just in case. Just in case they were wrong and Heaven does exist... but they can't be there because they never believed in it. Then again, being that there are no liars, cheaters, sinners or (and this is the one that gets everyone else) masturbators in Heaven, its occupancy consists of about 3 people right now. The promoters are hoping that with a little more flyering at all the hot spots, more people will show up.

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