June 27, 2002

3 Hard Boiled Eggs

3 Hard Boiled Eggs

Just ate lunch with MPip and Bob from work, during which we spy Paul walking in and heading for the cafeteria. We start placing our bets as to what trivial thing we thought he was going to eat.. I said "three hard-boiled eggs"...MPip said "a small salad" and Bob said "a parfait." As if hearing us, Paul starts walking away from the salad bar empty-handed ("Oh no! No one said soup!!") towards the sandwich line. Our entire table groans and tries to mentally (and verbally although he can't hear us) will him to go back to the salad bar, which he does, eliciting cheers. He picks up a plastic container... stands in front of the section with the eggs (I cross my fingers) then proceeds on to the lettuce section. MPip won, that bastard! So yeah...that was lunch. MPip had the best line of the day. When Paul got to our table we started making fun of his small-reptile-like eating habits.

Paul: There's nothing wrong with eating two-hard boiled eggs for lunch.
MPip: Yeah, if you're six.

Hop-Kee and Verlane
Last night a whole team of us went to Hop-Kee and Verlane. I say team because it was larger than a crew, but not so much a league. We ate salt and pepper squid, peking style pork chops, garlic sauteed string beans, beef chow fun, cantonese-style snails and some creamy shrimpy things. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmy. Afterwards we went to Saint Alp's to pick up some bubble pearl tea -- I got mine from Green Tea Cafe because I wanted chocolate. It tasted like Yoo-Hoo with tapioca balls. At this point Tony, Abel, Pete and Albie wanted to go home but I pressured ("Come on... everyone else is doing it"), bullied ("Just go for one hour!!! Stop being so old!!!") then finally guilt-tripped ("How often is Mike here visiting from California??") them into going to Verlane with us. Verlane is a bar/lounge on the Lower East Side so on a Wednesday night it was pretty chill. We settled down on some smooshy couches for a couple hours of drinks and Pusoy Dos. Me and Abel wanted to play Spades but he said there was no one worthy to challenge us in the party. He was right though. So we played Pusoy Dos.

I had a few ketel one sea breezes and a "Hanoi Martini" which isn't as armageddon-inspiring as it sounds. It's pretty much vodka and lychee syrup which is what I make at home anyway. It was frothier than mine though, mine always have me going "Ack...yum."

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