June 20, 2002

Motorcades, A Belated Weekend Roundup and The News

Motorcades, A Belated Weekend Roundup and The News

Yesterday on our way back from Montclair, me and Geo noticed that all along 280 there were people pulled over, chillin or having little picnics. There were also people hanging out on overpasses and cops everywhere. So we finally rolled up to one of the cops and asked him what was going on. He replied that a motorcade was coming through. So of course I'm like "Who, the president? The vice-president? Clinton?" Because I live on my own little planet where I apparently think people care about their leaders. And he's like "No, an all-motorcycle motorcade." So we get all excited, pull over and hang out on the hood to wait. 5 minutes later like 20 rescue and police vehicles from all over Northern Jersey drive by followed by motorcyles. Hundreds of motorcycles. Well over a thousand. It was awesome!!!!!! For a full 25 minutes there were nonstop motorcycles of all kinds: Harleys, Ducatis (like two though), Ninjas, CBRs, every type of motorcycle under the sun pretty much. They were all honking and waving and of course we were waving back. It was really fun! Except of course for the cars on the side roads who got trapped by the cops who had blocked them off for the duration of the motorcade.

So let's see what's in the news today. I have to rely on the news for topics these days because I've been staying home with the puppy a lot. Actually wait.. I did go out a couple times this weekend since my cousin Daryl and his friend Sheila visited from Houston and stayed with me for a few days. My cousin Maki (Bodie's sister) was also in town from the Philippines. She's a reporter for a TV station and has the presidential beat (for example if she was an American reporter she would be a member of the White House press corps).

So on Saturday night we all went to some "fusion Indian" restaurant in the village called "Cafe Spice" which had horrible, horrible food. I don't know why people are trying to fuse Indian food with anything. It's good as it is, but the potential for disaster is huge when you try and get creative with it. Afterwards we met my friends Angelo and Pete at Apple Bar, in order to... well to drink more. Though Daryl didn't really need any more haha. He was LIT. Afterwards my cousins Maki and Carmela took off and me, Pete, Angelo, Sheila and Daryl went bar-hopping on the Lower East Side. The scene was pretty boring. I will say however that at the last place (some joint called "Bob") there was an inordinate amount of black guy-white girl couples. Almost every couple in there hooking up was that combination. I was wondering if that place was just known for that, like they take ads out in "Interracial Couple Magazine" or something. "Hey, are you a black man lookin for a little white girl lovin? Are you a white girl who's got jungle feva? Come to Bob's!!! First 50 white girls and black men in get $5 off price of admission."

On Sunday we had lunch at The Mile Square in Hoboken, but Geo couldn't eat because Bailey kept barking up a storm and other diners were forming a posse.

Okay back to my earlier goal of browsing the news... okay, some woman left her baby in a running car and it got stolen. But their, um, "ordeal" only lasted 20 minutes before the car (and baby) was found and returned to the woman. I don't even leave my purse in the car when I'm running into the store for a few minutes... how is someone going run into their apartment and leave their baby in an UNLOCKED, running car?? *sigh* She's like those parents that send their 5-year-old daughters to the store by themselves then get surprised when the child gets kidnapped. Ummm...

Sensationalism in the media really pisses me off. Like we all need more reasons to be more freaked or rioting in life. Less intelligent or conspiracy-theory people who read this article are going to go nuts with this shit. It won't even be worth the energy you'll expend to try and explain to them in small words exactly how many messages (via phone, fax, e-mail, alternate radio waves...whatever your medium) agencies like the NSA intercept on an hourly basis. I know some people think George W. is the most evil man to ever ascend to any position of power (barring Hitler of course) but use your brain. September 11th may have improved W's popularity by a few approval rating points but do you really think he and others would have stood by idly in the face of the possibility that tens of thousands of Americans might die?? Okay, say you think he would. Do you really think that while the country was hanging out in the grey area of a recession that George W would have allowed something to occur to further harm the economy? The number one most important thing that affects a president's approval rating (and maybe legacy) is how well the economy is or isn't doing while he's in office. Or how people perceive the effects of his "economic policies" in later campaigns. But that's it. Period. Essentially, while the Great Depression might have been ended by the production necessitated by the start of World War 2, the post-imperialist world would pretty much frown on that particular road to recovery today. Okay I've gone on too long.Right now I want to talk about things that will actually interest the 7 people reading this, like bare-breasted mermaids.

So some bare-breasted woman dressed as a mermaid was ordered by cops to put bandaids on her nipples as she was in violation of the indecent exposure law. Of course, she is suing. My question is, how long did she have to suck the judge's dick, because he "ruled in Brooklyn Criminal Court that her costume was appropriate." I'm going to select all 4 corner boxes in the pool and hope that I get the "40 minutes" box.

By the way, this morning I was on one of those JC shuttles which have windows that only open 2 inches and are located at least a foot above your head. The windows are always shut because the "air-conditioning is on" but the air-conditioner on these buses were made in 1940 and consist of 5 melted ice cubes and a plastic fan. To make a long story short, the two-year-old kid behind me vomited all over himself, the floor and the back of my seat. I couldn't get off the shuttle because it took me forever to flag one down and I was even more late for work than usual. So I sat there for 15 minutes (as the smell of vomit permeated throughout the hot and stuffy shuttle) thanking God I hadn't eaten breakfast or it would have been beside the kid's on the floor.

I think it's time for a smoke.

By the way, I know you guys were waiting for this article on Southwest Airlines charging overweight passengers double. All I can say is, that ain't even right man. Where are they going to draw the line... what about tall people like Tony whose legs sprawl all over the place?? Or chicas like those porn stars who have 42HH breasts?? I'm sure they're using more than their alloted armrest space as well.

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