July 10, 2002

Lunch at the Piers

Lunch at the Piers

Lunchtime. Couple walks by. Guy is wearing a tank top, shorts and sandals. Girl is wearing tight black flare pants and a see-through black lace midriff top with flowing sleeves. Enter the peanut gallery.

MPip: Oh my God why is she wearing that.
Me: It's a cute shirt though. But I guess it's not exactly a daytime outfit.
MPip: Not for 1:30 on a Wednesday.
Me: Strolling on Exchange Place.
MPip: That outfit is for 3am on a Friday night, when she's drunk and passed out with a condom wrapped around her ear.
Me: She especially shouldn't be wearing it then walking around with someone dressed like him.
MPip: I like his outfit. It's perfect for combing the beach with a metal detector looking for spare change.

Hey I didn't do a weekend roundup. Oh well, it's Wednesday. I've already forgotten what I did. Me, Geo and Net headed down to Cherry Hill for the weekend. I remember there being lots of beer and we all played that drinking game "Kings" a lot. That game is the best. Everyone pretty much makes up their own rules but the way we played it was that all players pick a card one at a time and each card means:

2 - Thumb rule (last person to put their thumb on the table has to drink)
3 - Person who pulled the card drinks
4 - Person to the left of the person who drew the card drinks
5 - Person to the right of the person who drew the card drinks
6 - Girls drink
7 - Guys drink
8 - Rhyme (the person who pulled the card says one word and everyone else has to say a word that rhymes with it one after the other. Whoever messes up first drinks)
9 - Questions (the person who pulled the card looks anyone in the eye and asks a question. They in turn look anyone in the eye and ask them a question. Whoever messes up first drinks)
10 - Categories (the person who pulled the card says a category and everyone else has to say something that fits the category, in order.
Jack - Social (everyone drinks)
Queen - Person who pulled the card chooses anyone to drink
King - First three people to pull Kings pours beer into a glass in the middle of the table. The person who pulls the fourth King has to down the whole glass and a new game starts.
Ace - Person who pulled the card makes up their own rule, like "Anyone who says someone's name has to drink."

As you can imagine, everyone gets pretty fucked up during these games. The best is during Rhyme, Categories or Questions. People always mess up in the funniest ways.

Janelle: "Desk"
Manny: "Pesk"

Me to Mike C: Where are we?
Mike C to Ben : Whose party is this?
Ben to Me: Do you know what time it is?
Me to Aris: Do you like to touch yourself?
Aris before he drinks: NO.

Mike C: Category: shoes
Gavin's brother (I forgot his name): Nike
Me: Adidas
Aris: Nine West
Janelle: Sketchers
Manny: Tims
Sean: Reebok
Elaine: Steve Madden
Nadine: Nine West.
Aris: I said that already. Drink.
Nadine: FUCK.

My favorite is when people make up their own rules. Janelle made up a rule that every time someone at the table drank, Sean had to drink 6 times. Manny made up a rule that everytime someone at the table drank, Aris and Sean had to get up, twirl around and say "Twinkle twinkle little star." Upon seeing that Sean and Gavin's brother had the attention spans of gnats, I made up a rule that anyone caught not paying attention had to down their beers regardless of how much they had left. Luckily this was a family party we were at.

On Saturday night we went to some house party in "The Township" which apparently all Cherry Hill-savvy people know refers to Washington Township. We played some game my girl Michi calls the "Flip The Cup Shit" game (I love you Michi!! *mwah*). Pretty much you have two teams lined up facing each other and in relay format you down your beer then put the cup at the edge of the table and tapping it from the bottom, flip it until it lands perfectly face down. Yeah I know. How the hell did I regress back into college? Our team whooped ass though. Killed.

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