September 6, 2002

I was going to say something about this but this article said it all. My favorite quote is "And for what? To force Augusta National into inviting a few rich women members to appease a women's organization? What good will that do your sister, your mother, your daughter?" I'm really, really irritated by women's feminist groups. Maybe if I felt they benefitted anyone other than their rich, white members I wouldn't feel this way. But that's a useless hypothetical question because that would never happen. Who gives a fuck that some country club whose annual membership fee exceeds the Gross National Product of Bhutan doesn't allow single women in? Why don't they spend their time and resources on more important causes? There's a women's shelter by my work that I volunteer at. The place is awesome. It helps young, underpriveliged, single mothers get back on their feet by providing them with living quarters, an education and free daycare. They're able to do this because of donations made by corporations and money from various religious groups. I'm sure you can figure out what group is missing from that equation.

You know what, Sampras. Roddick was so gracious after the match:

"No," Roddick said in his post-match press conference. "You guys say Pete is washed up. I never said it. I don't think anybody doubts the fact that he's capable of great tennis, still." When asked if his foot injury affected his game, he said "No more than the other night," Roddick said. "I played on it the other night and got a win."

Meanwhile, Mr. Everytime-he-loses-it-has-to-be-because-of-an-injury-or-illness Sampras wasn't sure. "Andy wasn't quite at the top of his game," he said. "He seemed a little bit off tonight."

"Not quite" at the top of his game?? A "LITTLE BIT" off??? Are you fucking kidding me???? Was I watching the same match Sampras was discussing? Any idiot who knows even a smidgen about tennis could tell that Andy Roddick didn't even play at .000001% of the level he's capable of. You didn't see people running around saying Sampras played "a little bit off" when he got blown off the court in straight sets by Lleyton Hewitt in last year's U.S. Open Final. Fuck Pete Sampras. I hope he loses in straight sets to the Dutch guy. I hope he plays the best he's ever played and still gets wasted off the court. Yeah I know that's not going to happen but one can dream. It pisses me off that Andy Roddick likes Pete so much and Pete couldn't be more gracious afterwards. And I love how few people are remembering that in the two matches prior to this one, Pete didn't even take a set from Roddick. Ass demon. I hate him. Anyone get the feeling that I'm taking this personally on Andy Roddick's behalf?

Okay, I'm off to a wedding!!

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