September 5, 2002


YES!!! Andre Agassi vs. Lleyton Hewitt in the semis... That's going to be an awesome game. But probably not as awesome as Pete Sampras versus my boy Andy Roddick tonight. I was never one of Sampras's biggest fans or anything, but I've been pulling for him the last few years. You always want to see a champion go out on top, it's sad to see them struggle (See also: Michael Jordan). It'll be interesting to see whether that will sway me from cheering for my current favorite. I'm such a sentimental dork if you really think about it. Sampras has made over $42,380,489 in prize money throughout his 14-year career and that doesn't even count his endorsements. He has a record-breaking 13 Grand Slams, including 4 U.S. Opens, and then he gets to go home and bang Bridgette Wilson at night. You know what... GO ANDY!!!

Second set update: Yeah, Andy is getting blown off the court. He's so nervous and antsy he's making like 8 million errors. Watching this game I'm reminded that throughout 90% of his career I despised Pete Sampras. I don't know why watching him struggle for a couple years made me forget that.

Holy shit, that wasn't even a tennis match. Poor Andy. You know, I was thinking he might get nervous. If he gets nervous on some practice court just because Mandy Moore is watching, how was he going to deal with Sampras at Arthur Ashe? I must go console myself with a drink. I bet Andy's doing the same thing.

On a lighter note, how funny is this? I think 4 midgets without arms could beat Team USA.

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