September 4, 2002

Midnight Thoughts

Midnight Thoughts
Mike is really pissed off at fat people who pass the buck: "And while its legendary fries appear to be slimming down, a legal battle is shaping up on behalf of obese consumers who say fatty fast food is to blame for their health problems � an idea that fast food makers say is a bit hard to swallow." Interesting. While I agree that the calories of all fast foods should be posted up at fast food joints as an fyi, I'm not certain I buy into the idea that some people don't know that food fried in lard isn't good for you. That's like not knowing it isn't going to hurt when you douse yourself in gasoline then light up a cigarette.

I sat on the remote accidentally and it switched to American Idol. That Justin guy is sooooo gay. Do we really need ANOTHER super-gay boy singer out there in the public eye? Is that what we really need?? Can't we just have more nuclear waste and air pollution? Damn, whoever the black guy is with the ringlets can really sing. He just belted out a verse from "Unchained Melody" and it was bangin. I'm missing the opening of the Agassi-whoever match but this provides so much more fodder for the weblog. Hey there's Nikki the Little Punk Chic. I liked her. She didn't have the best voice but her image was mad cute. The Spice Girls proved to everyone that you don't need vocal talent to be a worldwide success in the music industry. Okay this is too cheesy. As much as I like accidentally turning to this show and seeing Paula "I was famous once even though I sucked" Abdul and Simon "The Mean Guy" snipe at each other, it's simply not worth it to have to watch the entire show. Back to tennis.

Okay. Could there BE any more commercials during the U.S. Open? You'd think it was the Super Bowl. Like it's cute when they play the American Express commercials with all the tennis stars (especially the Andy Roddick one of course). But what's with all these lame AIG commercials? Oh... okay, they're so I can get up and go get more beer. The commercial that always makes me sit back down is the Bailey Banks and Biddle commercial that shows the chics from Bond in concert. Bond is that all-girl classical music-rock quartet. Their members are both good-looking AND mad talented. It's pretty cool because they come out with their violins, viola and cello in skimpy-cute outfits and play really well. Which reminds me, I'm bidding on their concert DVD on Ebay. Hold up... Yeah okay, that shit is like $20 now and $5 for shipping. That's kind of a lot to pay for a DVD. Maybe I can find it on Kazaa and download it for free.

Hey, The Rookie is out on DVD... gotta pick that one up. I'm a sucker for feel-good sports movies.

Geo and I played tennis today after "work." I put that in quotations because I haven't done too much serious work since April. Barely anyone in my department has (my whole section looks like a Text Twist tournament every day), even though some are better at faking like they're busy better than others. Isn't that the truth of every company in America though? It's how 99.7% of people move up the corporate ladder. Oh sure, some actually move up because they deserve it but honestly... when was the last time you saw someone make all their deadlines, excel at their job duties, put in ridiculous overtime... then actually get rewarded for it? Now let's ask another question... When was the last time you saw someone run around like they're super busy when you know they're not, stick their tongue up your boss's ass every chance they got, talk just to hear themselves speak at meetings (using big words incorrectly and idiot phrases like "that's an apples to oranges comparison"), take credit for other peoples' work, try and get involved in projects that are none of their business just to look important... and then get promoted for it?? Exactly. Okay, obviously I still have leftover angst from my time at the NBA. But I digress. My point in mentioning that we played tennis was to talk about the older gentleman on the court next to us who asked me if I played high school tennis. As in currently. After I replied in the negative he asked "In college then?" I was like "No... I graduated from college over 5 years ago, I'm 26." He said "Really??? I thought you were like 16." Greeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

And for my finale...

Top 5 Movies Whose Titles Make You Think The Movie Is About Something Else
1. Eat Drink Man Woman -- Ang Lee really got me with this one. Would you believe this isn't about cannibalism??? It was kind of about food though so it wasn't a complete waste of time.
2. What Women Want -- According to the title this is supposed to be a movie chock-full of gorgeous, intelligent, funny, respectful, responsible, well-groomed men who don't obsess over their mothers or pre-pubescent teenage girls. They also have chiseled abs and enormous, um, bank accounts. 45 minutes into the movie I had yet to see even one so I gave up. There should be a law.
3. The Taste Of Others -- This was a French comedy about life and relationships... you don't want to know what I thought this was going to be about. Something pornographic involving supernatural beings I might have thought. Um, just kidding. No really.
4. Three men and a Little Lady -- I assume this needs no explanation. Two words: midget porn.
5. The People Under The Stairs -- I haven't seen this movie and to me it sounds scary as shit but everyone who's seen it says it's not. Meanwhile I'm sitting here thinking "Who exactly are these people and why are they under the stairs??"

Good night Seattle!!!

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