February 6, 2005

Super Bowl XXXIX

(Why do they still use Roman numerals? Are they trying to seem Gladiator-y?)

*Big sigh*

I'm not going to jump on the McNabb-bashing wagon. You all know he's always been erratic, just like Michael Vick tries to run the ball when passing options aren't immediately and easily apparent but we still love him. I was just hoping that in the Super Bowl, things would be different. Oh God, the interceptions. I mean in all honesty, there were a few passes that weren't interceptions just by sheer luck. And some of his judgement calls were ridiculous, long passes when he should have been doing short blasts or run plays, floating the ball to heavily covered receivers, not skipping huddles in that second to last drive (I mean yeah, they scored but didn't have a decent amount of time left and the time they had they had no clue what to do with. And did Andy Reid choose those particluar moments to bury his head in despair becuase I swear he wasn't watching.) Okay I'll stop complaining. I'm just mad because seriously, they could have won. Brady wasn't looking too hot even though he got the job done and the defense totally could have capitalized on that. Because you know the Pats do. I mean the Eagles defense shut them down in crucial moments in the first half (you know they were looking strong in the first quarter) and then it kind of just died after that. It's like their first touchdown just deflated them. Anyway I don't think the Eagles played as well as they could have. I swear I saw about 8 Brady passes that looked like they could have been picked off by an Eagles defender and they never even got a hand on it. And I don't understand what Andy Reid was doing. Okay I'll stop complaining. No I really will. The Eagles will be back next year.

Oh God, and now all those rich hoity-toity New England fans are going to be running around snooting the word "dynasty" in between manicures and tea and crumpets and recitations of their Mayflower lineage. It's enough to make a person sick. My friend who's a diehard Pats fan e-mailed me a snotty little victory e-mail and I of course, had to resort to brute virtual violence because what can you say, the Pats are an awesome team and did their job. Even if I hate them. I just told him to enjoy his moments of feeling like a strong man because every football fan knows that Pats fans would get their asses kicked by pretty much every other team in the league's fans in a rumble. (I know, I'm so lame but you know it's true.)

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