May 16, 2005

Happy Anniversary To Us Again

Happy Anniversary To Us Again!

Today was me and Geo's anniversary. We celebrated last night but did the whole dinner thing this evening. In keeping with his modus operandus of last year, Geo did not clue me in on where we were dining until we got there. Last year we had an amazing dinner at Mt. Fuji's in upstate New York and he surprised me with tickets to see Aerosmith at Jones Beach. This year, he took me to a place on 44th street called Jewel of India, that an Indian co-worker of his recommended by saying it was the best food he'd ever eaten in his entire life. Geo figured it was a guaranteed score and he was right. It was the BEST Indian food I've ever had. And I know it wasn't just me being biased, because Geo loved it and he's despised every Indian restaurant we've been to.

We had the vegetable samosas, chicken tikka masala, aloo gobi masala (potatoes and cauliflower in a spicy sauce), saag paneer (creamed spinach and fried cottage cheese cubes), palak kabuli chana (or something like that, it was chickpeas in a cream sauce), peas pulao with raita and of course the lachcha paratha bread. We contemplated getting a bottle of champagne but decided against it. I think we were just caught up in the celebratory mood and forgot we both dislike it. We settled on a Tuscan Chianti instead.

The atmosphere is better suited to a business luncheon, but the service was good (even though one waiter almost lost a hand when he tried to take my uneaten samosa away) and the food amazing. And you know what counts with me. We'll definitely be back and the manager told all the waiters to make sure to take care of us when we return. They already had pretty good service so I think he meant "fill their water glasses in a timely fashion" and "don't spit in their food." I ate myself into oblivion, so it was a wonderful night. And of course the company was the best part of my evening. One thing about having kids is that Geo and I rarely get to go on dates anymore. Although he says that now that the girls are older, that will change. Woo-hoo!!

Anniversary 2005

As for our gift this year, Geo decided we'll buy Gamecube and some of the Mario games, specifically Mario Power Tennis, which I obsessively played all weekend at Manny and Janelle's. I even have calluses on both my thumbs from it, and actually kicked a 6-year-old boy off the console for a moment because I "needed" a quick fix. My husband rocks!!!

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