August 7, 2005



On Friday we... well, there was a lot of button-pushing and cut-off curses like "FU-- FRICK." We weren't always successful and if our kids start imitating us Geo and I won't have anyone to blame but ourselves. We've been pretty good about cutting out the cursing in normal conversation when we're in front of them (as long as we're not being very animated in our discussion) but while Mario Tennising it's a whole different um, ballgame.

On Saturday we headed down to Cherry Hill to chill with Geo's cousins. They decided to throw an impromptu barbeque which always means one thing (besides grilled animal carcass)... KINGS. It is inevitable that if people are hanging out at Aris' house with a lot of beer, this particular drinking game will occur. And pretty much keep occuring until people stumble from the table into their beds/couches.

I've talked about Kings before but for those of you just joining us, you sit in a circle and pick a card one at a time. When you pick the first three kings, you just pour beer into a glass in the center but the game ends when someone picks the fourth king and they have to down the glass. The other cards each have different meanings:

A- Make up a rule like "Anyone who says someone's name has to take a drink."
2- Person to your left drinks
3- Person to your right drinks
4- Girls
5- Guys
6- Up In The Sky (throw your hands up, last person has to drink)
7- Rhyme ("Time" "Crime" "Flime" You have to pay attention on this one, people try to make up words.)
8- I Never ("I never watched midget pron" or whatever and anyone who has takes a drink)
9- Categories ("NFL teams, The Raiders.")
10- Questions (Everyone says a question to the person after them, in order, fast)
J- Social (everyone)
Q- Pick anyone
K- Pour

So I played Counter-Strike buzzed for awhile (that game is horribly addictive), then me, Janelle, Sean and Jon-Jon started playing Kings around 11. Around 1 or so, someone turned on the TV and we kept playing while watching the Playboy channel. Did you guys know that the Playboy channel has some pretty hard core pron (prawn)? Seriously. I thought it was going to be weak like the magazine but I was pleasantly surprised. Wait, can one use phrases like "pleasantly surprised" when discussing pron? It's kind of like looking at a row of dildoes and asking a girl "Which one do you fancy?"

We had a great time but "enlightened" people would despise us. At one point we were playing the drinking game while watching pron, while debating whether or not the male "actor" was circumsized, while eating chunks of steak off a community plate. My favorite parts of the game are the "Questions" rounds because the questions just get rude or raunchy. For example, half of them on Saturday involved Janelle's generous endowments (hot momma). The other half involved various penii. Okay so that's not a word but it should be. My point is, when you play this game with the same people every time you remember certain things to try and trip them up. Last March we played at my house and Sean got Net by asking "Do you want to make out with me" and instead of a question she replied "Uhhhhhhh." So I busted out the question to him when he sat after me (Jon-Jon moved after the first round when I started the game out by asking how big his penis was and he replied "Uhhhhh.") And Sean's response was something like "Uermmp."

Ahhh... I love this game. Screw basketball, that slogan should be for Kings.

By the way, I heard the funniest fricken story this weekend. Some chick has been after our cuz for awhile, but he wasn't interested in her. So she finally sat on him, took off her shirt and said something to the effect of "No man can resist me. Even my boyfriend's best friend couldn't resist me." He replied "Oh yeah? Watch this" and pushed her off him then left. HAHAHA!!! That's even funnier than the time Abel bench-pressed some girl off himself.

Today, we went to a christening for Paul's second son Max. We went because he's a close friend, but also because he said he was going to wear a shirt with a picture of Darwin on it and the phrase "Know your roots." Paul's life would be a good reality show to watch I think. The tagline could be "What happens when an atheist marries into a religious family? Watch Mondays at 9 on NBC!"

And afterwards T came over to hang out and see the girls. We got take-out from IHOP and watched The Rundown with the Rock. The first ten minutes of that movie is awesome, when the Rock takes out the offensive line of some pro football team by himself. If that happened in real life I'd laugh my ass off. Especially if it was the Patriots. Yes, I'm a hater.

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