July 7, 2006

Things About The Friends I've Seen This Week

Things About The Friends I've Seen This Week

This week has been completely hectic, I've been in total social butterfly mode. It seems like everyone and their mother came into town at the same time, with the exception of Ben, who wonders in the comments if my saying that means I've found his mother (the answer is no by the way, because it's damn hard to get fingerprints off the handle of a rattan basket.)

This post should have a host of pictures accompanying it. Unfortunately, none of them belong to my camera so they're not at the ready. But maybe this picture-less post will shame my picture-having friends into e-mailing them to me. On to some random things about the friends I've hung out with this week (and sorry to the ones I didn't get a chance to hang out with):

Abel has been working out a lot and it shows. He's also good at resisting temptation because on Wednesday night he took us to a bakery in Jersey City that serves egg custard pastries all night. EGG CUSTARDS. ALL NIGHT. He didn't get any but you know I walked away with a dozen.

Andrew (visiting from Boston) broke the Second Rule of Whiffle Ball last Saturday. You never, ever, ever ever ever take a call from your screaming girlfriend in the middle of a game. You're just asking to get beat.

Arleh (visiting from Seattle) was a physical therapy major in college and gave me a butt massage sometime around 1995. She is also an awesome DJ who regularly competes in those DJ competitions that you watch and go whoaaaa about.

Audrey (visiting from San Diego) is due with a girl in October. We threw her a baby shower last Saturday and I think the entire time, some of us were waiting for lightning bolts to strike. You can tell she's going to be a great mom though, even if half of the East Coast is still reeling in shock and frantically making the sign of the cross.

Ben (visiting from L.A.) is extremely fun to watch when he's making fun of the way people dance. He's one of those guys that can make even the worst dance look good. One of the best times I've had with him was when we were wandering around in San Luis Obispo, wondering how a college town with no large cities around to escape to could possibly be so boring. Usually those are the breeding grounds for decadence. Also, Ben thinks that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt adopted their first two kids to pick up indentured servants to the actual child of their blood. Which is so foul but... HAHAHAHAHA. As usual I can't stop laughing. By the way, here's my favorite Ben story. One day in 1994 or something, we started arguing about something and I got fed up and slapped him. And after a moment he slapped me right back. Then got this look on his face like a guy who'd been poking a tiger with a stick, who suddenly realized the cage was unlocked. I started laughing though. Ben says I even thanked him, presumably for providing some hysterical humor.

Yes, slowly but surely the pics are coming in.
Here is me and Ben, without the slapping.

Dean (visiting from San Francisco) went crazy when they randomly played Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" at the annoyingly trendy little spot (Union Bar) we were at Saturday night. The DJ literally threw in a Bon Jovi song and a Journey song right into the middle of a three-hour hip-hop set. He either stepped away to pee and someone comandeered the booth or he lost a bet. Also, I went crazy too because that song rocks. We were the only ones though and the place was packed.

Gail only orders alcoholic beverages that taste good.

Gail: I drink anything that tastes good.
Me: I drink anything...
Gail: Yes?
Me: No, that was it. That was the full sentence.

Geo started griping about how much he hated the song "Gold Digger" right after the DJ played the first few bars. I listened for a bit then said "I don't like it but it doesn't bother me as much as 'My Humps.' I fucking hate that song." Guess what the next song was.

Girlie (visiting from Connecticut... just kidding G) and her husband Luke just celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary. There are people that have been married and divorced three times in that timespan. Happy Anniversary guys!!! Girlie also hit the game-winning whiffle ball homer that clinched the game for us by bringing in two runners, thereby causing me and Ryan to proclaim her the game MVP.

Janelle picked up Guitar Hero the day after we brought it to her house and is now playing at Expert level. On Tuesday night she walked by and yelled "I'm going to kill your husband!!!!!!" Apparently, he beat her while carrying a child in each arm. Yes, Geo is actually that good but in Janelle's defense she did have a few glasses that night while Geo did not. Yeah the excuse sucks but hey, whatever works.

Kat's baby has more hair at three months than most kids have at two years.

Kwame was wearing khakis and a powder blue and white-striped polo last night, one of his "work and then MBA classes at night" outfits. It's been a long, long time since I've seen him in work clothes so I was visibly shocked but duh, what the hell did I think he wore to work, a Giants t-shirt and jeans?

Yay Kwam e-mailed a pic of me, him and Nicky.

Manny drove one and a half blocks to the park to walk their dog, because it was hot.

Mike left his keys at work in Manhattan on Tuesday, and only realized it when he got off the train in New Jersey. So he walked four miles home from the train station (in loafers) and then broke into his own house. Which he can do because the pit bull guarding it knows him and all.

Nicky (visiting from L.A.) didn't tell the myriad of friends she has in the NY-area that she was in town, since she only had one free night. Except that she told someone who knew them and that person let the cat out of the bag. Those secret trips never stay secret. You always get caught. Also, Nicky and I met for the first time last night and it was as comfortable as if we'd known each other forever. I love it when that happens!

Sean is always fun to play that drinking game Kings with, because he comes up with little gems like...

Janelle: Categories, STDs. Chlamydia.
Aris: Gonorrhea.
Me: Syphilis
Sean: Herpes Simplex 9.
Everyone: What??????
Me: What the hell are herpes simplexes three through nine??

Steve has a really nice body. Which I realized last night, when I ran into his apartment to convince him to come out with us and he was wandering around in a pair of shorts. Which, obviously I'm not a gentleman so I took a solid look. Contrary to popular belief, it's not that I consider my friends asexual or non-sexual or unsexual or whatever, it's just that I don't picture them naked. When I re-told the story at the bar later, Geo chimed in with "Yeah, I knew that about him." Which of course compelled me to jokingly send a suspicious look him and Steve's way. Which I later regretted because it prompted the explanation of how they talk about working out all the time, which prompted a conversation about working out all the time.

Tony fell asleep one minute after we dropped off Steve at his apartment. One minute. The door shut, a minute went by, Geo asked Tony a question and the response was silence.

It's not over yet, there are two birthday parties and a dinner party scheduled for this weekend. Why is everyone born in July.

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