August 3, 2006



If I believed in jinxes then one totally happened to me. Last Thursday I went to the eye doctor about my stye, and he asked me if I get sick when the girls get sick. I said no. Which WAS the truth, every time the girls have been sick, usually Geo and them pass it back and forth to each other until it eventually fades out. Not this time.

Too bad the the human body isn't like a vaccuum cleaner. I could just reach in, remove the section that collected all the unnecessary crap, then empty it out. Really, this business of hocking up green shit every few minutes is a bit ridiculous. And the fact that it has to travel upwards, searing the chafed insides of my chest as it passes in all its acidic green glory is also a bit ridiculous. Hold on for a sec. It's about that time.

I need to get to the store and invest in some of those lotioned tissues (sounds so much better than tissues with lotion), Dayquil, Vicks Vapo-Rub and that menthol snorty thing that makes me feel like a cokehead whenever I use it. I'm a big fan of that snorty thing. It's almost worth it to be sick just to have an excuse to use the snorty thing.

What I'm not buying however, is that crazy cold medicine you spray up into your nose. One time when I was sick, Mike J brought that over and after I used it I almost choked to death. The spray went up through my nose and back down into my throat, resulting in a 5-minute coughing fit. Afterwards I threw the bottle at him. Okay not really, but only because he was gone.

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