February 20, 2002

Comments, More Olympics and Eric's Birthday

Comments, More Olympics and Eric's Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC!!! Man you're mad old now huh? "Where are the cookies!?!"

My friend Kwame left a comment (THANK YOU KWAME AND EVERYONE ELSE THIS APPLIES TO for leaving comments...I really prefer this to people e-mailing me their responses to my posts. I mean I totally appreciate the input and stuff but stupid ass Yahoo only gives you like .003 KB of space, just enough for about 2 e-mails, three if your friends don't talk too much. Using the comments option avoids all that.)....anyway Kwame left a comment that he can't get into the Winter Olympics because there's no black people in it. I guess there's some truth to that because look at me, the little Asian chick watching some other little Asian chick figure skate. It's not like I'm watching the skiing events or the "luge"...I had to put luge in quotes, like it's an "alleged" event haha. I did however watch the bobsledding event because it looks like fun.

Anyway, there are very few Asian athletes out there....(Benny Agbayani.... Dat Nguyen.... ZhiZhi Wang...isn't Mike Bibby part Filipino? You get my drift.) So if I only limited myself to watching Asian athletes I'd be pretty damn bored all the time. It would eliminate all football and basketball from my life. It would be the Mariners 24-7. And if this mentality were applied more broadly to entertainment in general, I would only be able to watch about 11 minutes of TV per week...for the combined appearances of Lucy Liu on Ally McBarf, that guy from American Pie who's on that one show with Finch from American Pie, that one chic on The Gilmore Girls and that one guy on That 80's Show. Oh and every so often Margaret Cho is put on some random variety show to annoy the shit out of me for half an hour.

2/21 edit: Vonetta Flowers became the first African American gold medalist in Winter Olympic history, when she and her teammate Jill Bakken took first in the two-woman bobsled event. Flowers was a former track and field All-American who didn't make the national team. Her husband saw some random flier looking for a bobsledding brakewoman and as a joke she tried out. Flowers had never even seen a bobsled before two years ago. How fucking awesome is that?? Kwame you had to have watched THAT!!! Best part of the story is, the number one ranked driver tried to convince Flowers to drop Bakken and be her partner instead but Flowers refused. How's that for loyalty. Most people can't even be loyal to their hairdressers.

My friend Ant left a comment with a good point. How ARE poor countries that have no snow supposed to compete in the Winter Olympics?? That seems like a rather unfair advantage for countries situated far from the equator. What are people in the Philippines supposed to do...bobsled down some dirt mountain and hope ice isn't too different when they get to Utah??

"Aisos naman...talagang madulas itong "ice"" (Translation: "Oh my...this "ice" thing really is slippery.")

Kwame and Mike just brought up the Jamaican bobsled team and the ski team from Kenya. I'm at a loss guys, all I can say is more power to them. If they can do it Filipinos can do it too!! I wanna see some Filipino "curlers"!!! Okay no I don't, I don't want to see ANY curlers. It's not even a real sport. What the hell are they doing out there. Well Filipinos should be good at that "sport"...they have much practice sweeping with the walis.

Incidentally, I'm a big fan of Jim Shea Jr. being the third generation Olympic athlete in his family. He's the bomb for winning the gold medal in the skeleton event and dedicating it to his grandfather (a gold medalist in speed skating) who passed away in a car accident a few weeks ago. But I'm confused...is "skeleton" just the "luge" flipped over??