February 28, 2002


I was listening to Howard this morning and he was giving his rundown of the Grammys and can I just say that I love Howard for saying some shit about music that gets me yelled at everytime I say it?

1. "Can I give a Grammy for the worst performance of the night? It would have to be Bob Dylan. When can we all stop saying how great this guy is?? Hasn't anyone noticed yet that he's irrelevant? He belongs in the 60's."
2. "How come all vocalists do nowadays is scream into the microphone...are they just trying to show their vocal range?"
3. "Alicia Keys is overrated...what is this crap..."

Thank you thank you so much Howard. He would've gotten one more thank you if it wasn't for the fact that he talked shit about U2. I admit their new stuff sucks but come on, they were great once.

There's been this post on the message board asking if anyone believed in soulmates. My response was:

I used to like the idea of soulmates...you know, that in the beginning of time all humans had 4 arms and 4 legs and 2 heads then the Deity got angry and separated them so they'd have to spend the rest of eternity looking for their other half.

I used to like it until I realized that society tends to use that desire for a soulmate as a barometer for true love and it shouldn't be. "Passion" is too often mislabeled as "love" because people are searching for The One. Sometimes the person you thought you loved more than anything else in the world isn't that person, and sometimes the person you dismissed as something else in the beginning is actually the best person for you.

It's funny because that thread has been going on for awhile and I never bothered to respond to it until yesterday. Then when I got home last night, I was reading this book called "Voice from the Underworld" by Maningning C. Miclat, a Filipina raised in Beijing. It's a collection of verses in Chinese, Tagalog and English which is pretty awesome if you think about it. I have difficulty writing poetry in ONE language, let alone three. Anyway Miclat had this verse:

What you desire, you may never possess.
What you possess may be better than your desires.
Confusing words cannot convince the profound.

Anyway you get my point.

So I was on the bus this morning playing Tetris World on my Gameboy Advance (my favorite Tetris game is "Fusion" where you try to get tetrises amidst these blocks that you have to connect so they can explode and send you to the next level). Anyway this guy looks at me...looks at the gameboy... then says "How old are you??" I was like "25." And he looked at me like I was a mutant. I guess he thought I was too old for video games. I should have said "You know what?!? You can TAKE that 'too old' bullshit... shiiiiiine it up real nice-like... turn that sun'bitch sideways, and stick it straight up YOUR CANDY ASS!!!" THAT really would have been the mature thing to do as opposed to what I really did, which was give him my patented "You're an idiot" look and dismiss him like the unimportant peasant he was.

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