February 9, 2002


So these commercials are all over the place for some Chicken Carbonara sandwich from "Quiznos" that is toasted and has bacon alfredo sauce. Their marketing campaign is totally working on me but I have no idea where the hell to get the damn sandwich. Is it a fast food chain? Is it a not-so-fast fast food chain like Subway? Is it something you get in the frozen foods section at Shoprite? If it is a chain how come I've never seen one in my entire life? Hold on I'm going to go do a netsearch...Those fucking bastards. Getting me all amped and there isn't even a Quiznos in Jersey. Look. The nearest one is in White Plains, Brooklyn or Philly. They shouldn't even be allowed to run commercials in New Jersey, especially not ones with such delicious-looking sandwiches. Doesn't this fall somewhere in the "cruel and unusual marketing" section of the Advertising Constitution?

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