February 8, 2002



I went out last night with Mike and a couple of his firefighter buddies Tom and Ox. We went to some random bar in East Rutherford that had some band called Brian Kirk and the Jirks playing. They were okay at first but then they started singing country and I promptly decided to stab myself in the ear with my straw. The night then reached its zenith when a tone-deaf chic went up on the stage to sing "Dream On" by Aerosmith. I contemplated the possibility of attempting to drown out the sound by doing rapid shots of Black Haus but then decided there was no point in spending the rest of the night vomiting just because some random chic couldn't hit D-flat. Mike thinks I am going to crucify him in this post for bringing me to the joint but I'm not. You know what they say..."First time, shame on you. Second time, shame on me." I'm a fucking idiot anyway...."Riss, we're going to this bar in East Rutherford..." "Um, okay." The band was actually pretty good when they weren't singing country or Billy Joel. The kind of music they played wasn't really my thing though and by midnight I really, really missed Love Lies Bleeding.

Today's message board post:
I started a new thread on this message board I go to called "Top 5 Movies You Normally Wouldn't Admit You Like"
My answers were:

1. Salsa (I have it on video haha)
2. The Parent Trap (the new version)
3. Matilda (Yeah I just bought it on DVD)
4. Simply Irresistible (That movie where Sarah Michelle Gellar cooks stuff)
5. Earth Girls Are Easy (With Geena Davis, Jeff Goldblum, Damon Wayans, Jim Carrey and Julie Brown) I haven't seen it in years but I remember when I saw it in the theatre my friend Jenny and I were the only ones in there, so we sprawled out on top of this low wall in the back so we could recline while watching it...obviously this was waaaaaay before the Magic Johnson theatres..."Why be with a hero when you can be with a zero?"

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