March 7, 2002

Dreams and Psychics

Dreams and Psychics

Anyone want to analyze a dream I had last October 30? If it helps in the analysis, October 30 is my little sister's birthday. In my dream I was babysitting my friend Joanne's kid, outside some daycare center. I see this guy I used to work with at the NBA, Spider, babysitting some other little kid. He gives me an egg wrapped in a clear plastic bag and tells me to hold it because Helen (another person I used to work with) is too busy to. I take the egg and take over its care (Jo's kid magically disappears) and I'm strolling through this area holding an egg. The egg gets really hot in my hand so I run into the daycare center and put it on the counter, and the egg hatches on the counter and this one-inch tall child pops out. I freak out and tell them maybe I shouldn't have held it because my hand was so warm and they agreed but that it was too late now.

Then they tell me this was my cousin Yvonne's third kid, the girl they've been waiting for (which in real life they already have, I just attended her one-year birthday party). So I ask them to put the little inch girl in the incubator but they won't because they say she doesn't need it. And I'm like "Are you on drugs, she's one inch tall." Anyway so Yvonne and her husband Emer come by and I explain what happened and they just say they'll try to have another kid instead. I freak out (again) and tell them their new daugther is fine, she's just small and needs to be in the incubator. So she gets put in the incubator and grows to about the size of a Barbie doll and the last scene is me washing her in the sink while Emer and Yvonne bathe their two boys Matthew (my godson) and Marc in the bathtub.

I guess this dream was weird but not as weird as this other dream I had once that I will never be able to figure out the meaning of. Sigmund Freud could come back from the dead and he wouldn't be able to help me.

Speaking of coming back from the dead, have you ever seen "psychic" John Edward on TV? The guy is funny has hell...and people really buy into his crap too. If you watch the show it usually goes like this:

John Edward: I'm getting a feel for your Mother...I sense she is with us...
Gullible Idiot: Mom...? Mom is that you?!?!
John Edward: She's here but doesn't wish to speak...I believe she was a quiet woman.
Gullible Idiot: Huh? My mom was quiet?
John Edward: I mean...She's quiet now in the afterlife, she was very lively in life but is more reserved now.
Gullible Idiot: Ohhh....okay...what is she saying to you? I wish I could talk to her!
John Edward: She's saying that she misses you...I'm getting the feeling that she was very loving to you and your siblings.
Gullible Idiot: Huh? She used to beat me for hugging her. And I'm an only child... Oh you mean she knew I always wanted brothers?
John Edward: That's it! That's what I meant...she always knew you wanted siblings...uh... and she wishes she had been more loving to you when you were growing up... she has many regrets...that is why she is so reserved now as I said earlier.
Gullible Idiot: *bursts into tears* I knew it!! I knew she always loved me better than my imaginary brothers.
John Edward: Yes, you were right about that. And I am so glad to have been able to dedicate my life to helping people like you. Make sure you write out a big fat check. And don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

Speaking of being psychic, Mike shot me a message yesterday and I think it's pretty indicative of why MCI Worldcom's stock is worth a pack of gum and some Cheetos. "We are all in the biggest waste of time meeting so I am playing battleship against my coworkers through our pagers."

Incidentally I believe I deserve some sort of an award for "Best Segues in a Weblog" or something.

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