March 22, 2002


T.G.I.F. Again!

Website of the day:The Real Final Four... I had issues with some of the matchups, I thought the brackets were kind of skewed. Like there shouldn't have been a first round matchup between Charlize Theron and Salma Hayek... that's like Duke vs. Oklahoma in the first round. And Heidi Klum vs. Jessica Alba in the first round, when there are people like Mariah Carey, Rachel Leigh Cook and Jennifer Love Hewitt in the tournament?? WTF?? My Final Four were Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Hurley, Jessica Alba and Catherine Zeta Jones. But that's only because for some bizarre reason they didn't have Penelope Cruz, Vanessa Marcil and Emannuelle Beart in the running. Like half my infamous list of girls I'd bang was missing. What is the world coming to.

So I was on the bus yesterday and don't you fucking hate it when you forget to bring along some form of entertainment and so you have to read the damn bus schedule to pass the time away? *cricket* Um okay, does no one else do this? I already memorized all the damn advertisements on the bus so I couldn't even read those. Has anyone else noticed that advertisements on buses are depressing as hell? "Your child will do drugs if you don't eat dinner with them!!" "10 Jillion people die in drunk driving accidents every year!!" "Children are a foster parent!" I always walk off the bus feeling like I should just lay down and die.

Today's gripe: I really can't fucking stand people who forget something or make mistakes and can't own up to it. One of my friends flaked on me today because he forgot and made other plans. No big deal right? But instead of admitting his mistake and letting us both go on our separate ways, he brings this person over that I barely even know to convince me to go with their plans instead. Excuse me? You want me to change my fucking plans, the plans I've had longer than you've had yours for what reason again? It's like for God's sake we're not in elementary school anymore, be a fucking man. So they're like come on, just do what we want to do... "Suck it up." What the hell does that mean? Is that some white thing that I don't understand? Who the hell says that? You all know how I feel about sheisty friends. Peace out!!

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