May 30, 2002


12:58 a.m... Just got back from the bar and all I want to say is..."N-E-T-S N-E-T-S N-E-T-S NETS NETS NETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Damn I wish I had M "I love the Celtics" Pip's home number. His wife would probably kill me for calling this late but it would be worth it to be able to talk smack to him while I'm still on this Opened A Can Of Whoop Ass high. I missed the Miss Universe pageant though so either I'll look it up on the web or catch the rerun. Some drunk ass guy leaned over to me tonight and said "I don't like sports very much. I find I can't focus on a group of guys for that long." Funny how the most "manly" thing a guy can do is watch other men sweat for hours.

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