May 17, 2002

"Dum Da Da De Dum Dum Da Da Da..."

"Dum Da Da De Dum Dum Da Da Da..."

Sorry, that's supposed to be the beginning of the Friends theme. I just realized I didn't offer my opinion on the season finale last night. It was awesome up until the last 10 seconds of the show. I really hate cliffhangers but this is the worst one they've ever had. The best one ever was "I Ross, take you Rachel..." I was jumping up and down after that one. I'm a diehard believer in Ross and Rachel. They're each others' lobsters dammit!! Anyway, one of the scenes that was really disturbing was when Rachel was talking to Joey about her fears about raising the kid alone and instead of defending Ross, he reinforces her apprehension. I know Joey didn't do it to be malicious... he was just subconciously registering that her displeasure with Ross can only be beneficial to him. He was giving into a hope that hasn't died, something that is completely human. But in doing so he completely sold out Ross -- someone who despite his own feelings for Rachel (which have a 15-year history), told Joey to go ahead and pursue her when Joey all of a sudden decided he was in love with her. I was seriously pissed last night.

If Joey lets Rachel think even for a moment that the ring he's holding at the end is from him I'm going to renounce all past "I love Joey" moments. And there have been a few, like the time he told Monica that the couple they were having dinner with were brother and sister. "It's like cocktails in Appalachia." "Oh... like you've never gotten a little rambunctious with Ross." Or the time he stepped onto the map in London to try and figure out where he was. He's never been my favorite character (that would have to be Chanandler Bong) but he's always provided good entertainment. "How yoooooooooo doin'?"

Friends quote of the night: "You know that feeling when you're trying to blow a St. Bernard out of your ass?"

Anyway my two favorite scenes were the one with Ross and Phoebe at the end..."Or, you might get everything you've ever wanted since you were 15 years old." And the one where Monica gave Rachel her baby name..."I can't. You love that name." "Yeah... but I love you more." I am going to be so bummed when this series ends. There are so few sitcoms with good dialogue left and I don't even watch those anymore (Everybody Loves Raymond, Frasier and Will and Grace). Oh well, one season finale down and one to go. Buffy on Tuesday looks very promising. Again, big fan of Willow-The-Loser-Turned-Demonic-Witch-Who-Burns-People-Alive-Without-Remorse.

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