May 17, 2002

Ummm Yeah


Is it just me or is the song "Without Me" catchy as hell? I know, I know. I'm biased because I think Eminem is the motherfucking man.

Actually, he is "The Man"...white boy!! Haha just kidding. Since I was listening to him I decided to go onto one of the jillions of websites created in Middle America devoted exclusively to his existence. This website which was created in Germany of all places (that's Germany, Alabama) has some pretty dope pics. I think Eminem's attractiveness is much enhanced by his attitude. Men like young girls and women like dangerous men. That's the bottom line. Any woman that says she's not turned on by a guy who has "that edge" is a liar. Deep down inside, buried under all that feminist crap, women are often exhilarated by those men for whom society has no boundaries. It makes psychological sense really. American women have often spent their whole lives trying to live up to a certain standard of beauty, grace, socio-economic class, decorum, whatever it is. They're told by society that they're not skinny enough, their breasts aren't large enough, their skin not perfect enough, their eyes not blue enough... They're supposed to act "proper" and be virginal, they shouldn't spit, burp, curse, etc.. The list goes on and on, even in modern times. So it's refreshing and exhilarating to meet someone who looks society in the eye and says "FUCK YOU." They end up living vicariously through that man by sleeping with him. Bizarre little cycle isn't it?? I admit I like them....smokers, players, alkis, druggies, brawlers, you name it. Like a moth to a flame...

Ambiance: "Say It Ain't So" by Weezer

I don't think my friends in that band I see every week are going to stick around much longer, which is completely depressing. There are so few truly good cover bands around these days. Their lead singer flaked on their show two nights ago without telling anyone. Triflin' ass motherfucker. So instead of cancelling the show at the last minute, the guys decided to play anyway with 3 people. Troopers. They sounded better without him. Stv has a better voice than the other guy anyway. LLB is the only band I've ever watched that when I hear the real song on the radio the next day, I'm disappointed because it doesn't sound as good as them. Like this Weezer song. I've been to see a thousand cover bands and 98% of the time they suck, so this is a big deal to me and my friends who love music. We're so selfish too. After I told them last night we all looked at each other and said "Now where the hell are we gonna go on Wednesdays??" We've been going to see this band every week for 3 years. It's like the end of an era.

Lani's going to be pissed but right after Paul met my dog last week, he told me Nookie was cute but that he looked like he was part ferret.