May 16, 2002


Who does THIS?? Why haven't I been informed that naked sleepovers are "all the rage"?? Groups of naked 15 and 16-year-old girls having pillow fights? I know about 40 guys that are filing that away in the mental Rolodex under "S" for "Spank Bank Material." Who am I kidding... you all are, whether or not you admit it. Men love young girls. It's a combination of physical attraction heightened by two already stimulating phenomenons:

1. The prospect of going where no man (except that guy at band camp) has gone before.
2. The prospect of molding her young personality into the type of female they want. Think of her as a blank canvas with perky breasts.

Lie all you want but I've got your numbers!!

By the way, does anyone else think it's weird that Ann Landers suggested she let her daughter go?? I don't know. I know I of all people shouldn't be so old-fashioned but that shit sounds deviant as hell. What types of games are they going to be playing? Naked Twister? Naked Charades? Naked Truth or Dare?? Hahaha just go to the bathroom already guys. We'll see you in 5 minutes.

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