May 9, 2002

Wednesday, Part Two: The Junkyard

Wednesday, Part Two: The Junkyard

So after Chinatown we dropped Juan, Pete and the turtles off in Jersey City then headed over to The Junkyard to see Lifespeed play. I was tired as hell when we walked in but it was worth it because the band played covers of "You Spin Me Round"... "I Want You To Want Me" (my favorite karaoke song)... and "Say It Ain't So." On a weird note, that last song is originally sung by the group Weezer. Weezer's lead singer is a guy named Rivers Cuomo and when I was like 14 I had a phone/pen pal who moved to L.A. to be in some band called Avant Garde and his name was Rivers Cuomo. Coinky-dink? I think not. That's pretty cool though cuz he was a nice guy. Back to the Junkyard...

Mike the Mercedes-salesguy-by-day-Firefighter-by-night met us there and pointed out that the crowd was the quintissential "Abercrombie and Fitch crowd." I took a glance around and had to agree. There were a plethora of Daddy Dollars being spent at the club last night for beer. The couple next to me kept kissing and normally PDA doesn't bother me but these people were gross. It's like they were licking each other's teeth instead of kissing. I almost threw up right there. It was literally one of the worst kisses I've ever seen in the history of kisses, even worse than the one at the end of Pretty Woman when it looks like Julia Roberts is trying to eat Richard Gere's nose.

"Jump Around" came on during the intermission and I said to Mike "Watch this... your peoples are gonna go crazy." We watched some chick dance like Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club for awhile then decided to consume more alcohol. The next song came on and it was "Cotton-Eye Joe" which sounds like a techno version of a square dance song. It really is the weirdest shit you'll ever hear.

Mike: Watch...NOW they're going to go crazy...
Me: This is what I imagine hell sounds like.
Mike: Hey I like this song.
Me: Of course you do Mike. Look in the mirror.

He again reiterated "These are not my peoples, I'm Jewish" then wanted to play a game that I will call "Who's Jewish" but that he calls "Pick the Hebe" since he's Jewish himself and can get away with it apparently. Mike pointed out a few, then I pointed out one guy who was tall and looked kind of poor. "He's a closet Jew." One bizarre moment of the night was the fact that the DJ played the song "Runaround Sue" which is not normally something you hear at a bar-filled with twenty-somethings. I was happy though because I like that song.

Some guy was offering Geo beer cuz he got too many and they had that awkward moment where you don't know if the guy is going to talk into your left ear or your right ear and they get a little too close. I was like "HEEHEE You guys almost kissed!!" And Geo laughed but I think privately he was bitchslapping me in his head.

On the way home, me and him started talking about dinner and I asked him if it bothered him when Pete and I joke around about his past. He says "No cuz me and Pete go way back. As for you, I can't stop you anyway even if I wanted to." Which is true. We've already discussed that my mouth is like a natural disaster, filled with fury and unstoppable. He told me that on our way home on Tuesday, I was slightly inebriated and he was talking non-stop for some reason. I looked at him and said "George, please stop talking. It's draining my energy to listen to you."

Michi just sent me her "friend test" and I made a decent showing. Okay not really. But I made one of my own and I bet she doesn't do all that well either!! Take the "How well do you know Riss?" Test. I know, I'm so gay...

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