June 10, 2002

Game 3

Game 3

1. Right off the bat I heard Walton make Mpip's favorite comment: "What doesn't Robert Horry do for this team?? He does so much!!"

2. One of the commentators said "The refs are allowing the flow to continue here at the end of the first which is good." Funny how none of them have the balls to say it's bad when the refs call ticky-tack fouls in the last 17 seconds of regulation when the teams are tied or down by two.

3. Why did Byron Scott take JKidd out while Shaq was out? Kidd was bringing them back...I know you're supposed to rest your best player when they rest theirs but uh...somehow I don't think that's gonna work tonight.

4. "Rick Fox never gets involved in these altercations without good reason." Huh??? I must have been asleep for the past 10 or so seasons. When did Rick Fox stop being a punk?

5. Jason Collins spoke to the ref about a foul Kobe made that wasn't called. The ref said "If I see it I'll call it." Collins asked how he didn't see it and I have to agree. That ref was the closest one to where the ball was in play. Why wasn't he watching the guy with the ball? How do refs decide who watches what then?

6. "The constance of Kobe Bryant" being used after Kobe draws a "foul" is a phrase that puts me firmly back in the "Walton needs to be shot" Camp, despite his praise for JKidd. The constance of Kobe being able to get a foul call when someone breathes on him you mean.

Jim Gray: "Was it poor execution by the lakers that allowed the nets to come back in this game?"
Kobe: "Yes, we need to get back to Lakers basketball."

Riss the Maniacal Courtside Reporter: "My boys caught up...wassup wid dat?"
Kobe: "Yes, we played poorly. We need to get back to Lakers basketball."
Riss: "I'm sorry, maybe you didn't understand my question. I keep forgetting you're a white boy in a black man's body. Why is it do you feel the Nets are no longer losing by so much?"

Heaven forbid he say that the Nets stepped it up. I can be a Knicks fan and a Nets fan and do you know why?
Because of this:

Even if he ain't a Knick anymore this ensures my status as a Knicks fan FO' LIFE. Just kidding, that's not all even though I really do question some of the operational moves the Knicks have been making the past couple seasons. I have about 120 million questions starting with "Why why why??" and "Why is it you keep picking up and retaining mediocre point guards?" and "Who the hell is Frederic Weis and was he worth that pick?"

7. It's only the media and Laker fans who are impressed by Shaq. NBA players realize he's just big. "Shaq is so amazing, imagine taking on 3 guys and not fouling them offensively." Duh. They're afraid to foul him you fucking moron. When was the last time you saw Shaq called for an offensive foul? I've seen him move to the left to make sure he falls on top of Jason Collins at maximum speed, seen him throw elbows to peoples' throats and bring his elbow down after an offensive rebound onto someone's head and guess what? "What" you say, with baited breath. He doesn't get called for an offensive foul. Period. So I doubt he's too worried about it right now. Geo calls Shaq "Shrek" which cracks me up with how much it fits. Except the fact that I liked Shrek. But that's because Shrek didn't try to play basketball with the midget-sized fairy tale people.

At this point it was halftime and Bailey started having some sort of coughing fit which freaked me out. I couldn't tell if it was what they call "kennel cough" leftover from the shelter or if he was hyper-ventilating due to allergies or what. So I took him outside and when I came back in the Nets were tied 78-78 with the Lakers. So I started watching again but Bailey had another attack so I took him outside again and when I came back in the Nets were up 85-78. So I stopped watching the game altogether because sports fans are superstitious idiots and I decided they were doing better without me watching. Especially since I've watched every minute of the first 10 quarters of the series and they got their asses kicked the whole time.

And you all know the rest.... 106-103 and I know it's just basketball but damn that shit sucks. Incidentally, I really hate it when people blow up Horry, Fisher, Fox et al. HELLO, it's easy to take shots when you know your TWO teammates are going to combine for 71 points. But if 7 of your team members usually score 15 points and you're one of them and you're off a bit...that's a different mental story.

Anyway I won't give up hope until the buzzer signals the end of Game 4 and the Lakers have the higher score. I'd rather be wrong and loyal than a fair-weather, leaving-the-arena-with-4-minutes-left-just-because-they're-losing fan.

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