June 10, 2002


So we took Bailey to the vet today and man I felt sorry for him. I was apologizing all the way out the door to him. "I'm sorry Bailey, I didn't know they were going to put a thermometer up your butt." They took a big vial of blood too and I was like...doesn't he need that? He only weighs 13 lbs so that's over 1% of his total body weight. After the vet we took him to the park to make it up to him. He got a bit pouty when I wouldn't let him chase the ducks but he was literally about to chase them right into the pond. He was about to dive into that murky, disgusting, Jersey City public park water. God knows what or who is in there.

Yesterday we hung out and drank a bit in the backyard with Mikey, Steve, Spoon and Mikey's dog Ginger. By the way, the pictures suck because (#1) Geo's digital camera is for his job and was made in the 1960's and (#2) I took the pics from the third floor. Ginger is from an animal shelter too except her previous owner really abused her so she's spooked easily. Bailey wanted to play so he was nibbling on her and she was running like hell. She outweighs Bailey by about 60 lbs. Already my dog is a bully. Later on I had to go upstairs because Net, Noble, Tony, Manny, Janelle, and Mike C came over to watch the game. We had just come from Geo and Net's sister Jennifer's baby shower. When I looked out the window, the guys downstairs were playing baseball with a rope. Huh? Exactly. There's a climbing rope in the backyard which is tied to a pretty high branch and they had tied the bottom into a knot and were taking turns pitching then swinging at it. A home run was if you hit the rope onto this other high branch. It looked like fun so I was about to go down there and take a shot at it, but then I got sidetracked by a Lychee martini.

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