June 4, 2002

John Cusack For President

John Cusack For President

I had this pretty long dream last night starring John Cusack and now I'm completely in love with him. No seriously. Like I'm wiping Jason Mamoa, Josh Hartnett and whoever else was on my "Top Guys" list right off it. I don't even know where the hell it came from. I never really thought of him as cute, and the last movie I was him in was Say Anything which came out like 15 years ago. Just kidding. The last movie I saw him in was Con Air. But I saw that a long time ago. As always, this dream was really bizarre. Heaven forbid I have any normal dreams. Me and my sorority sisters were all at some lodge in the middle of nowhere hanging out. We were in this bar (of course, where else would we be) and there was a Yankee game on during which Giants players in full football gear would run up and down the baselines between innings. I was wearing some weird type of dress that looked like a Yankees jersey but it was clingy and knee length. The number on the back was #12 which is Alfonso Soriano's number who of course I like but not as much as other players on the team so I don't know why that number was there. Maybe it was because I wanted a Nets Lucius Harris jersey and HIS number is 12? Who knows.

So in the dream I'm in this hunting lodge-esque bar (complete with wood paneling walls and moose heads) and John Cusack is sitting near me and he starts chit-chatting. We hit it off pretty good (like outside of my dream I know who he is but inside of it he's just this really cool guy I dig) and when I get back to my room I go online and find out he went to UC Santa Cruz (he didn't in real life). I'm supposed to be dating some businessman guy who looks like the twins from the band downstairs but he's not as interesting a conversationalist as John Cusack and I drop him. So the scene jumps to this town's "City Hall" and it's enormous. It looks like the Monte Carlo Hotel in Vegas. The outside even has this huge fake lake with sprinklers and everyone starts swimming around in it even though it's like 3 in the morning. One thing I distinctly remember is that Bill, this (Hawaiian??) guy from my elementary school who I haven't seen in about ten years was swimming around as well. In fact, he helps me throw John Cusack into the water which is a whole lot of fun. Anyway the whole dream just switches back and forth from the mountains to New York to Santa Cruz with absolutely no regard for the time-space continuum. I think we even made an appearance at the Yankee game we were watching on TV. My outfit would also change for no reason, like one minute I'd be wearing the Yankee jersey-dress and the next I'd be wearing some black minidress with a pearl necklace (a real one you perverts, not a figurative one). John Cusack was spontaneously changing outfits as well. One minute he'd be wearing a jersey of some sort and the next he'd be wearing slacks and a burgandy leather jacket. He also had this really intense stare, the kind Anakin gave Padme all the time. I think that's why I woke up in love with him.

Okay, I just figured out where the John Cusack thing might have come from. Let me change the title of this post to reflect it accordingly. About a month ago I read a paragraph about some site cusackforpresident.com which is a half-joking "grassroots campaign" to get John Cusack elected President. He's not interested in running for office by the way. I actually think he'd make a very good president. And I'm not just saying this because I'm in love with him either.

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