June 4, 2002

Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup

On Friday I have no idea what I did. Oh wait yes I do. I had tried to erase it from my memory, but against my better judgement I sent out a mental search party and found it again. On Friday night I sat at home and watched the Kings get robbed of a Game 6 victory by a plethora of truly horrible and blatantly obvious bad calls made by refs who understand just how much the NBA and NBC need a large-market team in the Finals. I finally had to switch off the game because it was killing the high I got from watching the Nets make it to the Finals for the first time ever. Luckily, Howard was on E! which is always a good pick-me-up.

On Saturday night I went out to dinner with Lani, Geo, Tony and my cousin Carmela. Geo had to go do some random computer crap at the new Best Buy store on 23rd and 6th Ave so Tony and I started scoping around for "a place to eat" (if you're planning to eat alcohol). It started raining so we dove through the nearest doorway and ended up in a cute Italian restaurant called "The Tomato Bar and Restaurant" which had pretty good food and a really cool bartender named Daniel. I'd use the word "serendipity" but Walt kind of played that word out huh? (By the way, Dale: do you have pics from the party??)

After dinner me, Tony and Geo headed down to some place by Culture Club for our friend Pi's graduation party. It was pretty cool because although I didn't know that many people there, I got to see Pi, Dale, Phil G and Gail whom I haven't seen in years. I also got to see Phil L, Angelo and Rhea which was exciting too, but I see those guys every other month or so. The party was really fun until they started playing Indian house music, which freaked me and Geo out so we bounced with a quickness and almost left Tony behind in our haste. On our way home we saw some chic riding on the back of a bike which got Tony all amped up, "I love seeing chics on the backs of motorcycles. It turns me on." The next day, Geo and I were in the car going down Parkway and we saw some woman who looked about 300 lbs on the back of a really skinny-looking motorcycle. I stare at her for a moment and say "Remember what Tony said about chics on bikes?" And we both just started laughing hysterically. Good times.

On Sunday I went shopping for work clothes that aren't made of wool since it looks like it'll be getting hot soon. Afterwards we stopped by Lincoln Park in Jersey City where my cousin Emer was throwing a shindig for some Filipino tennis leagues in the NY-NJ area. Carmela and I ended up on a court (but we had to be dragged onto it kicking and screaming). Later on Carmela started playing around with our 5-year-old nephew Mark on the next court so Geo and I hit some balls for awhile. Some woman bitched at Carmela "Can you play over there. Why are you here, there are three empty courts over there. We're trying to play a match here." When Carmela walked through my court I yelled out "Can you please not walk through my court??? We're trying to play an unimportant rally here, between two recreational players on the most ghetto tennis courts on the Eastern Seaboard." The woman turned around and glared at me for making fun of her but I figured she deserved it. She should have phrased her request nicely, with respect to the fact that Mark is a little boy. She got even more angry when I referred to her and her companions as "talent-less" but that's another story. Carmela said she couldn't be rude to them because they play in one of Emer's leagues and she might see them again but I think that's even more reason to not let people get away with rudeness. If you're going to be seeing them all the time you should let them know from the get-go to have a little fucking respect.

Last night I watched Armageddon for the ten-thousandth time. I really love that movie. I can't understand why so many people hated it. I always start to tear when Liv Tyler's like "That's my father up there!!!" By the time it gets to Bruce Willis's scene with Ben Affleck and then his conversation via satellite with Liv Tyler I'm bawling already. It has a bangin cast too... Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Liv Tyler, Ben Affleck, Owen Wilson, Michael Clarke Duncan and my personal favorite Steve Buscemi. Things blowing up in space... what's not to love??

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