July 18, 2002


So Jerry Springer is getting sued, big surprise there. I sometimes watch that show when I'm home from work and it's pretty psycho. I always wonder why people would want to air out all their nasty problems on national television. My favorite is when they have some chic on who has no idea who the father of her child is. Why why why would anyone want this put out there for public consumption?? Sometimes these chics are even accompanied by their mothers. Huh?? If my 16-year-old daughter wanted to go on TV and announce to the world that she slept with a variety of men and has no idea who the father of her son is, I might just have to tie her ass up and lock her in a closet for a few years. Or sometimes the chick will be "100% certain" that the guy she dragged on the show is the father and then they'll find out from the DNA test that it is "99.8% accurate that he is not the father." Whaaaat??? You're not sure and you're going on TV with that shit?? One show, this woman brought two men on the show and was screaming that whoever the father turned out to be had to "do right by his child" and then it turned out NEITHER of the men was the father. What what whaaaaaaaat?? Crazy ass motherfuckers.

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