July 24, 2002

So I'm 26 Now, Hooray!!!

So I'm 26 Now, Hooray!!!

Am I the only one who likes getting older? Thanks for all the e-cards and stuff guys! :)

Anyway, I know my blogs have been hella short lately but I've been caught up in Text Twist and can't seem to do anything else. My entire office is addicted. Funny what happens during the lame duck period of a company being dissolved. Today someone actually called me up with a work-related question and my brain fused. I was like "Whaa wuuh wehh... hold on a second." Then I put them on hold while I composed myself and tried to get my brain to stop hurting.

Yesterday I was watching Harrison Ford being interviewed on that show with Star Jones, Barbara Walters, Lisa Ling and that other one. Jesus Christ they're annoying. I'd only seen the show once before, when The Rock was on it and they were annoying then as well. So maybe it isn't just me. Actually, I only watched that one time because I wanted to see The Rock tell Star Jones "Why don't you take this show....shiiiiiiiiine it up real nice-like... turn that sun'bitch sideways, and stick it straight up your candy ass!!!!!!!!" But that didn't happen because apparently The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson is a really nice guy in real life. What a disappointment. Just kidding. Anyway, it makes me a trifle sick to think that this show is popular because my fellow females apparently like it. And it has to be females. I can't think of one self-respecting male that would ever watch that show. Well maybe a few self-respecting homosexual males. Anyway, they're apparently coming out with a fourth Indiana Jones which is pretty cool. I'd rather they use an aging Harrison Ford than fuck up his replacement like they did with the whole Ben Affleck/Jack Ryan fiasco.

Ever watch a villain in a movie and think they're so good as villains they must be evil in real life? Tcheky Karyo is one of those people for me. He was such an evil prick in Bad Boys and Kiss of the Dragon that I can't imagine him being a nice guy in real life. I picture him going to a restaurant and stabbing the waiter to death with his fork because he "ordered his dressing ON THE SIDE you fucking eeedeeyot, on the side!!!" Or going to the movies and killing the people around him because they talked during the trailers. Actually that last part would be understandable. I hate those people.

One drunken night in college some guy and I got into an argument over whether that Ubu Productions thing at the end of some shows goes "Sit Ubu sit, good dog *woof*" or "Sit Ubu Sit, *woof* Good dog." Actually, he was arguing. I was sitting there drinking my 40 because I knew I was right (It's the first one). Anyway I just thought of that because it was just on the TV.

I waited for the bus for 1 hour today. I really hate mass transit in Jersey City. 6 buses went by me en route to Old Bridge but not one went by to my area of Jersey City. Fucking bastards.

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