July 2, 2002

Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup

On Saturday me, Geo, Tony, Todd, Todd's girl and Tony/Todd's parents headed out to Long Island. Their cousin's house is up for sale but since it hasn't been sold yet they still use it to chill in when they're in town. We played tennis for a couple hours... okay we pretty much whaled on the ball for a couple hours. There were no actual games played. I doubt I even remember how to serve. Bailey was so thrilled to actually be in a huge backyard that he ran around frantically and no one could catch him. Geo tried, but Bailey ran into this wooded area that is supposedly "infested with spiders." Needless to say, Geo decided to just wait for Bailey to come back to the tennis court area.

After tennis me, Tony's cousin Chris, her man John and her friend JC decided to play "Asshole" for awhile. Although the name sounds like an icebreaker at a proctology convention, it doesn't really involve the actual anus. More like a bunch of people, a deck of cards and a whole lot of alcohol. The game consists of a hierarchy determined by order of losing all your cards. The "President" can order the other 3 around and tell them to drink, the "Vice-President" can order the other 2 around and tell them to drink and so forth. We had so much fun!! That was the best drinking game experience I've had since college (and it was with 3 strangers).

I tried to play the game with 3 different people the next day but it wasn't any fun and I realized it's because you can't play with people who take the game too seriously. You have to play with people who can revel in the hysteria of being able to tell someone to down their beer, or to take a drink because they made a snide comment. The best part is that after you hold the presidency for 3 rounds, you get to make up a rule. So I got to use one that my friends put up on the message board once, that I've been dying to use in a drinking game. Instead of saying "pass" the players had to push a bottle cap on the table with their nose while saying "Beep beep I'm a jeep."

On Sunday I watched Armageddon for what must be the 8 billionth time. I LOVE that movie. I don't understand why no one other than me and Lani love this movie. Afterwards, I popped in The Fifth Element and made it a Bruce Willis afternoon. "MULTIPASS!!" Later on, Mike C and Net showed up so we went to Fun Buffet because I was dying for some crab legs. And that was Sunday. Yesterday was even worse. I did nothing even remotely productive the entire day. I didn't even check my e-mail or re-charge my cell phone. All I did was sit at home and watch the entire first season of Buffy (which I had never seen before and just bought on DVD). Pretty good stuff. Last night though I had about 8 nightmares. Apparently one gives their subconscious too much ammunition to work with when one watches 10 hours of vampires, demons and decapitations. Okay that was the most boring weekend roundup ever.

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